04 October 2007

The Top Five most irresponsible comments uttered by a political leader in Newfoundland and Labrador

It'll take a while to dig into the files for some of the geriatric whoppers in local political history, but the past four years have been replete with irresponsible  - in some cases downright frightening - political comments from at least one political leader in the province:

1.  The hands down winner: Taking away free speech in the House of Assembly.  Joe Smallwood may have brought in the anti-IWA legislation but not a single political leader in Newfoundland and Labrador history ever said it would a good idea to stamp out free speech in the legislature.

2.  Close second: The threats to sue people exercising their right of free speech, a threat that included falsely attributing motives to the people he threatened.

3.  Par for the course:  Repeated, unfounded personal attacks, all of which the leader in question had to withdraw.

4.  This mill will not close on my watch. A quote so much ingrained now that people don't even need a reference to it. And before someone leaps in here, let's recall it is fundamentally irresponsible to make a commitment you just can't guarantee you'll be able to keep.  Like saying no more secret deals and no more give-aways. oh wait.  Those last two are within a leader's power to keep.

5.  Labrador:  the minute land.  Rationalizing why he left his lone backbencher from Labrador out of his first cabinet, the man who set the new standard for irresponsible political commentary said this whopper:

"You can't have it both ways," he said. "If you're going to cut the cabinet back then obviously certain portions of the province, minute portions of the province, can be left out." — Danny Williams, Canadian Press, November 7, 2003

There's a reason the Tories like to keep erasing their online record.

And why some people regularly archive the utterances.



Patriot said...

Good one's Ed. Those are some pretty off the wall comments, but you have to admit that Reid's comment is right up there:

"He said we were going to bankrupt the province. Well, then, let's bankrupt it, if that's the case." - Liberal leader Gerry Reid

Edward G. Hollett said...

Not at all, Myles.

Unlike you, I took the time to find the full comment Reid made.

It was aired on CBC television tonight.

In the context it was clearly and obviously intended to ridicule the idea that spending $100 million per year over 10 years out of annual revenue would bankrupt the province.

Put that against the plan to incur hundreds of millions of debt over the next decade in addition to the $480 million in additional debt the province has incurred since 2003.

you've provided a selective quote but then again, getting facts straight has never been your long suit.

Patriot said...

A little touchy over this I see. I also know the context but regardless, it was a stupid and very silly comment for any leader to make. If you weren't as partisan you might be willing to admit that.

Simon said...

This was Gerry's "why should I sell your wheat?" moment.

Shows how any comment, however innocent, can be twisted into a weapon.

Patriot said...

You of all people should know Simon. By the way, how's the campaign going?

Edward G. Hollett said...

Myles, I simply point out your obvious the factual shortcomings of your comments.

Shall we discuss Canada Day again?

Simon said...

I'd rather run on principles than snipe from the sidelines; that makes every campaign is worthwhile. And you can never win if you don't run.

Meanwhile, I'm awaiting your future candidacy announcement with great anticipation. I'm curious to see how you would handle the real political world on the other side of the keyboard. I think you'd find the inside looking out is very different from the outside looking in.

Patriot said...

Indeed I would Simon, but don't hold your breath. We all know the real decisions and direction doesn't come from the politicians but from the back rooms.

As an aside, I'm surprised you are online tonight. Don't you have an election to lose?

Simon said...

"Myles Higgins really scraping the bottom of the barrel for Canada Free Press

Some wannabe journalists think they have their finger on the pulse of what Canadians want to read about when it comes to their politicians. But you know what, they don't. I'm not a pro at this journalism shit, but I do know that a media outlet like Canada Free Press isn't fussy on who they allow to post on their site. They have a lot of whack jobs who contribute to their website, that's for sure.

Take Myles Higgins for example, this guy is a clown. I wonder if there are any padded rooms where I'm assuming he lives, 666 Canuck Lane. This Higgins guy is lame.

Lol, drawing a comparison between parenting and running the show on Parliament Hill. He's making me laugh, but that's only because some of the contributors to Canada Free Press are a joke.

Anyway, I read what Higgins had to say, and I found it to be pretty boring. As for Canada Free Press, well I think their selection committee [the person who decides who gets what published on their website] needs a little bit of an overhaul. Know what I mean?"

(from http://crookedincanada.blogspot.com/2007/04/apology-that-will-never-suffice.html)

wow, Myles .. looks like I'm not alone! You have fans everywhere.

Patriot said...

Gee Simon, still as tactful and sharp witted as ever I see. Using some blogger living in Australia that says I don't know about what's going on here is a stretch even for you.

I guess since you the time to prattle on around Ed's site it means you must have given up on your campaign. Just as well anyway. How many failed attempts at trying to suck on the government teat does this make for you now (at all levels I mean)?

I doubt Ed will publish this since he's already begun denying my comments (even though they follow his precious guidelines) but I'm sure if you don't see it yourself he'll give you some spun version of what I had to say.


Simon said...

The ability to recognize ignorance is fairly universal and is not limited or bounded by geography.

Edward G. Hollett said...


unlike your M.O., I don't need to misrepresent people's remarks while at the same time censoring comments from people you disagree with.

Your comments remain despite their containing nothing more than the usual ad hominem slurs.

In the meantime, I suppose i can look forward to your creativity with the photos.

There's one of Gerry Reid for you to lampoon, one of Danny for you to drool over and one of Lorraine for you to praise as an example of a good opposition. That is the current party line in your neck of the woods isn't it?

babe in boyland said...


what girl did lono ever steal on you to inspire such an obsessive personal loathing of the man?