24 September 2008

That was now, this is then

Walter Noel, Liberal candidate in St. John's East:

Electing an NDP [sic] could deprive the Liberals of enough seats to beat Stephen Harper. Voting NDP could give the socialists the balance of power in Parliament, the ability to wreck our economy.

Walter didn't always think that way.

Well, at least not in 1974.

Noel ran for the "socialists" in the old riding of St. John's West, coming in third with about 3400 votes. Walter Carter took the seat for the Progressive Conservatives.  Lillian Bouzane came in second for the Liberals.

S. Carey Skinner polled 143 votes for the Social Credit Party.

Will "aging granola" Ryan Cleary do better than Walter did 34 years ago?



Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

Edit: typo.

This guy would run for the Marijuana Party if he thought they could get him a pension. Er, I mean elected.

Dale Kirby said...
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Edward G. Hollett said...


Walter tried the same bullshit argument in 2004.

It was stupid then and it is just as stupid now. I can see it being offensive; in the current context sad or pathetic is a more appropriate description, made all the sadder by the fact that he wouldn't stand a hope in hell of pulling Conservative votes anyway.