13 October 2008

Aussie Dippers

aussieIt may be the website for The Australian, but a Canadian IP address will turn up a Canadian ad.

There's a CIBC one.

And one for the New Democratic Party and Jack Layton.

There's a pretty creative use of the Internet and it would be interesting to know how many Canadian voters actually saw the Dipper's Aussie ad.



jenn said...

Internet ads don't work that way. The ad follows YOU. The NDP didn't buy ad space on an australian site they paid to have their ad visible to Canadian web users based on whether their searches were political queries. So when a blogger said the ndp were buying on Drudge they weren't they bought the views of Canadian websurfers who are interested in politics and when that blogger went to drudge the ad appeared, if someone in the US was looking at the same page at the same time they might have seen an ad for surf boards because they search for travel destinations where you can surf.

Edward G. Hollett said...


That's basically what I said.

The NDP bought Internet ad space in such a way that it appears in this Australian site. Ditto CIBC.

Drudge and the Aus got paid for their bit of having the space but, no, it's not the same as buying space in the Globe and Mail print edition.