04 October 2008

Campaign zoo diaries

1. Palin:  One too many pucks to the head.  The Republicans were desperate enough when they nominated Sarah Palin for the veep spot on the Republican ticket.  [Hint:  Despite what it seems, HNGs are not really a big enough demographic to win an election on.]  Now Palin is showing how completely wasted the GOP is, accusing Obama of "palling around with terrorists".

Palin's a self-described hockey mom.  Maybe she's taken one too many pucks to the head.

2.  Dippers lose a dipstick.  Well, another dipstick, as in a candidate they should never have nominated in the first place.  Yeppers. How many is that now?

3.  Not really plagiarism this time.  Stephen Harper says that he cribbed a couple of bits of a Mike Harris speech, but says what he used were "fairly standard" bits of political rhetoric.

Translation:  "If we keep killing staff whenever I screw up there'll be no one left to follow my orders."


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dannytoro said...

I had entertained voting for McCain. But after suspecting he was over managing Palin, and anger over his vote for the terrible bailout bill, it was a fleeting impulse. Ironically she now appears more lucid and intelligent then he does. Pity the nation will suffer four years of regressive black shirt rule under Obama now. No one cares about his truth squads or minders. That taxation is the wrong answer in depression. The ideology of soak the rich for personal gratification has griped the nation. No worries at all about $700 billion, a $1.03 trillion AMT tax hole, $69 trillion in unfunded mandates due in two years. Just get rich peoples money. Those folks rushing offshore or watching their money evaporate in markets.