15 November 2008

Enough isn't quite enough, until now


This effort to link Danny Williams and Barack Obama has reached some pretty silly points already.

First there was the rip-off/homage/"inspired by" video thingy using a speech Danny Williams delivered to a Tory fund raising dinner [c'mon ad agency video guys, who paid for the speech viddying in the first place?]

Now I.P. Freely, the low-rent local cross between "V" and Benny Hill is pushing posters, based on an iconic image of Obama, left.

Now it's not like this poster hasn't inspired some knock-offs already, including some truly fine ones.

It's just that surely someone can come up with an original idea, even if it is a parody.


Oldschool said...

NOPE!!! may be what Bama is saying when he takes over the US in January . . . thanks to the Dims Frank, Dodd, Waters and all those that supported Fannie/Freddie . . . the country is broke!!!
Who in their right minds would give hundreds of billions in mortgages to people that could never pay them back???
We have just seen the tip of the iceberg . . . much more to come!!!

Ussr said...

Hey Eddy The guy is just a kid with a hacked copy of photoshop.No real threat there at all !!!


PS, when are you and Simoin going to come over and say "Hi" Ed.Just cause we dont agree with the same poitical joe we can still be friends. Hey C'mon your a Newfoundlander and a smart one to boot.We need more not less Eddy.

www.cccure.org > you and Simoin should drop over sometime !!!