17 December 2008

One down…

One to go?

So if expropriating assets - “repatriating them” in WilliamsSpeak – worked in the AbitibiBowater case, what are the odds the provincial government might try to re-mount the water rights reversion fix for the Churchill Falls contract?

He did promise to seek “redress” and “repatriating” those assets would really make his place in the history books.



towniebastard said...

Can we add expropriating the university to the list?

Edward G. Hollett said...

Already done.

In the past two to three weeks, they've completely stacked the deck and it's been pretty much ignored except in a couple of spots.

In the first round, every single one of the appointees has strong Tory ties. The Muse missed that the Jerry Byrne is Jack Byrne's brother (DF Barnes).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the "Canadain" senate only backwards, Edward.Incrediable how your slip shows.

Edward G. Hollett said...

I need to start eating more wheaties.

Maybe I can find a Captain Midnight Secret "Anonymous to English" decoder ring inside that can help understand some these cryptic comments.