02 January 2009

This should be interesting…

New staffer in the opposition office come Monday:

Joan Marie Aylward.

Former health minister.

Former finance minister.

Former minister of social services.

Former minister of municipal and provincial affairs.



Anonymous said...

Wow, the Libs still don't get it!!

Anyone who has worked for JMA knows that this is laughable! As optics appears to be the important guiding principle this HR move will only perpetuate the opposition as a place where loyalities are more important than research and organization.

I can say with certainity that JMA brings neither. Two junior staffers (for the price of one former Min) full of piss and vinegar, would be a better choice.

JMA has never organized constituency building or initiated research. This was also done by her underlings....the learning curve for someone with considerable baggage under constrained finacial resources, is an absolute joke.

Good luck Simon...and don't forget to tighten those suspenders!!

Edward G. Hollett said...

Yes, the most convincing and persuasive comments are those offered by people who lack the courage to sign their names to them.

The anony-slaggers still just don't get it.