25 February 2009

Gros Morne controversy hits the Globe

Only a couple of weeks ago the tinfoil hat brigade was crowing because one of their cherished delusions made it to the Globe.

Then the Premier explained there was no problem with the Labrador border.

So then the whole thing became the Globe’s fault for trying to invent controversy.

Now the Premier is back in the Globe again, this time as the supporter of that idea to sling 43 metre high towers through a UNESCO World Heritage site.

This one has turned out to be a big political problem domestically and it will soon turn into an international controversy.

That sort of stuff is always good for raising capital and generally creating the image of place where you’d like to do business.



Winston Smith said...

Per usual, the story is generating plenty of unintended humour. For Wingnut Comment of the Week, I nominate this little gem from the Globe's comment section:

"Joan Forsey from Toronto, Canada writes:
Why do people insist on calling Premier Williams "Danny boy"? Those wanting to indulge in the juvenile habit of name-calling should try at least to avoid the cliches."

As with much of the Danprattle litters the papers and airwaves, this post tries to accomplish two things: avoid substantive questions by focusing on red herrings, particularly ad hominem attacks; and make a distinction between officially approved Dansults (e.g., Steve and the Blue Shaft), and traitor-talk.

WJM said...

The Globe and Mail is out to get Him. By which, We mean Us.

It's amazing, guys like ODP and the radio hosts, who profess to not caring what the Globe and Mail (National Post, Toronto Star) have to say about Him - Us - how often He - We - read and even quote from those nefarious yellow rags.

It's almost like We are desperate for approval or something.