10 July 2009

Well, that didn’t work

A quickie cabinet shuffle – the third in eight months – didn’t produce the media coverage they likely thought it might.

Check the headline.

Of course, it doesn’t help when you have to admit in the post-shuffle scrum that the shuffle postponed a scheduled update in the breast cancer scandal that has dogged the government.


Who’s laughing now smart arse? update:  There was no secret that Danny Williams, Premier was not enamoured of John Crosbie, former cabinet minister.

No surprise, therefore, that Stephen Harper, arranged to have Crosbie installed as lieutenant governor.

Crosbie may be silenced daily but he still gets his shots in.  Like say reminding everyone assembled for a cabinet swearing in that -  as the Telegram put it -  “Brian Mulroney used to have frequent cabinet shuffles when the former prime minister wanted to deflect criticism from his government.”

Everyone laughed and the incident made news.

Talk about getting payback with the seemingly most innocuous of comments.


Winston Smith said...


You left out the quote of the day from the Globe's story:
“I think it's time for a rest for Minister Wiseman ... not that the Department of Business does nothing, but to come from the Department of Health to the Department of Business at least takes him out of that public health profile.”

I think that brain cramp ranks up with his "there's no conspiracy" quote on the Cameron Report. Williams is lucky the Globe didn't go with "Wiseman gets a rest" for their headline.

It's certainly a golden period for unintentional humour in NL political history. Here is the ultimate Tory Kool Aid test: if you can read that quote and not laugh, you know you're 8th floor material.


Anonymous said...


It seems to be a very fair honest comment to me. I think your just overblowing it because of LIEberal leanings.


Winston Smith said...

Maybe. But, to my ear, the "not that the Department of Business does nothing," quote sounds like something out of Seinfeld.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha lieberalhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Oh mercy, BB.

The witty retorts, the brilliant comebacks.

Connie humour, provincial or federal, is a special thing.

Oh I never laughed so hard in my life.

If you had called him "negative" or a "quisling" it would have been perfect.


Winston Smith said...

Well, BB's bon mot was intentional (or at least I assumed that it was), and thus it might not qualify as authentic 8th Floor wit.

The Tories are funny only when they pretend, to quote BB, to be "very fair honest."

But for a genuine belly laugh, nothing beats a Tory-VOCM combo. If you want a good chuckle over your morning coffee, read today's story about Wiseman's excitement over the hot economy.

Anonymous said...

Boy Ed, if you laughed that hard at that you really need to get a life man.. A little to consumed maybe?


Winston Smith said...

BB must have lunch on the brain, so I won't point out the missing o.

Anyways, for your lunchtime amusement, here's the line from the VOCM story: "Meanwhile, Business Minister Ross Wiseman says he's excited about beginning a new chapter in his life and to help the province capitalize on it's hot economy."

The mixture of cliché and solecism is something you just can't make up.

Have a good weekend, Ed.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Evidently, BB, my sarcasm didn't translate into print or you didn't pick up on it.