21 August 2009

Air Lab to axe southern Labrador service

Air Labrador will be cutting its service to the southern coast of Labrador shortly. 

The company will announce the cut within the next 30 days, including determining the date on which the service will end. 

That’s what Air Labrador’s Philip Earle told CBC in a broadcast interview.  Earle said the company couldn’t make a “business case” for continuing operations in the region.  The company will continue to provide medical evacuation service to the local health region under its current contract.

This is the second cut by Air Labrador in 2009.  In March, the company stopped flying Dash-8s and laid off 100 people.



Anonymous said...

“It is time for government to recognize that the transportation system in southern Labrador is in need of significant investment so that communities, and our entire region, are not cut off from the rest of the world.

This was a quote from the Opp leader's release in response to Air Lab's decision to pull out of Southern Lab.

Cut off from the rest of the world??? Isn't there a a road connecting Southern Lab to the rest of the world.

The comments from Ms. Jones are sheer lunacy. Is she suggesting that continued subsidy for personal and business travel is the answer? Maybe a gov't run passenger service is the answer. Make no wonder that people's eyes glaze over when they stumble upon these types of pronouncements.

These responses are knee jerk to satisfy the constituency affected. Now, Ms. Jones can prance around her district waving her release while shouting that gov't is doing nothing. My God, does she really belive that the options she outlined are doable and prudent?

On another note. I just checked that the Opp office has 6 researchers and one director of Research under employ.....can't they come up with a bit of research to hit gov't with? I read more insight from your research than all of the staffers combined.

It's sad and laughable

Anthony Roy

Edward G. Hollett said...

Well, Tony, to give Yvonne her due, she's no different than the current government and its string of announcements for subsidies in this that or another industry, town or sector.

Not that you're doing so, but I have long since given up trying to sort the pork ideas by the colour of the proponent. Yvonne's basically the MHA for her corner of the universe and that's all she is.

On that level she's no different from any one of the MHAs and MPs who proudly proclaim they're concerned only for what's in the best of interest of their little artificially segregated portion of the planet.

Given that, of course, that's one of the reasons why I laugh at the anonyclones who accuse me of being partisan.

I heard Yvonne today on CBC and just shook my head. If her constituents are using other forms of transportation to come and go from the district, there's no reason for tax dollars to go into the hands of a private sector company just so someone can say they saw a plane fly over the district the other day.

But 200K for this versus 20,000K for a bailout or 10,000K for a pellet plant supposedly to ship to Europe (more to come on that gem)? I find it hard to distinguish which idea is a less desireable way to pour public money down a hole.

Anonymous said...

Ed...my name is Anthony. My mother calls me Anthony, CRA calls me Anthony and my passport is listed as Anthony. Not quite sure why you insist on calling me Tony. We have had this to and fro before and you still call me Tony?? Not quite sure why that is, but let's set the record straight. Maybe an anon post would solve this in the future.

...to give Yvonne her due, she's no different than the current government and its string of announcements

I will not give Yvonne her "due" when she is doing the same as others. That is nonsense and reason to lump her in with the other bozo's.

that's one of the reasons why I laugh at the anonyclones who accuse me of being partisan.

You are are partisan, Ed...and that's fine. Your history with the Party is okay and should not interfere with your message. When you peel back the layers and get to the root of your research and message, the points are mostly logical and reasonable, but full of partisan inuendo....that's like saying that Watton isn't partisan!!

As you have noted, there are people who will disagree with you because of your history with the Libs and there is nothing you can say or do to change that.

But being partisan can take different forms and the consistent tone and approach towards this gov't has shown a level of partisanship. This label is to be expected and not laughable at all.
If one wanted, they could be prolific about the folly in the Opp Office during the last 6 years. There is lot's to write about on this front, but you have decided not to go there for some reason. I'm okay with this, but it is further reason for some of the anons to label you as being partisan. It's all about balance I guess

Anthony Roy