11 August 2009

And then, things went horribly wrong…

Ryan Cleary tells CBC’s Chris O’Neill-Yates his version of why he wants to get into politics.

Rather than settle questions, Cleary just makes his situation worse.

Note that Cleary brings up and then ducks the question of spending more time with his family.  Then he admits the decision for him to leave VOCM’s employ was entirely VOCM’s business decision:  he wanted to stay;  they ended the relationship.

That doesn’t sound like:

Tonight [Cleary] he told me he simply made a decision to put his kids first, despite the fact that he enjoyed talk radio and has great respect for the team he leaves behind at VOCM. He just could not make the long term commitment needed by his employer to keep doing the Nightline program..so they parted ways.

Unfortunately, the cbc clip seems to cut out abruptly in the middle of things.  Let’s hope they can fix it and get the rest of it posted.

In the meantime, it’s interesting to hear Cleary handling yet more controversy over his candidacy.



Brian cleary said...

"he wanted to stay; they ended the relationship"

Is that a long-winded way of saying "fired"?

Edward G. Hollett said...

Yes, Brian, that would be pretty much it but at least I used fewer words than your namesake.

In six months, it was amazing the number of people who couldn't get his name right.

Anonymous said...

Go Ryan Cleary! Woo hoo!

WJM said...

"And it's not so much that I want to kill her, it's just, I want her not to be alive, anymore."

Stewie Griffin, on his mother.

Anonymous said...

Ed seems to have an ax to grind. Do you work for the Liberals, Ed? Are you looking to? Seems that way...

Edward G. Hollett said...

Nope, Anonymous 2001, but you apparently have a problem.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Ed is a consult-nit for big oil and the Liberals.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Yes, Anonytwerp 2256, I've heard that as well.

I've also heard it said I have a huge schlong but that isn't true either.

It's actually enormous.

Anonymous said...

The reality is, Cleary is in the news and his conviction to the NDP of St. john's south, or to all NDPERS in the province is the controversial soap box that will get him elected.
Stir up the pot of political stew Ryan my boy, and no matter what heat Mr. Hollett may turn under your pot, this will only increase your ability to get elected, Anywhere. There are times when Mr. Hollett as smart as he is, is really stupid in the public relations game. The same game he considers himself an expert in. Liberals beware: it’s not Ryan you need to worry about its excited little Eddie he took the bait and is now giving Cleary the best internet Blog exposure possible. Ed’s a tipper (talker) not a doer, we all know that. He should have thought twice and said nothing; instead he opened his big fat keyboard and gave the seat away. Mark my words Cleary’s gonna topple Coady and the only ironic thing about it both their last names start with a C and End in Y. My preference would be for Cleary to run in Avalon and then the NDP would win 3seats.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Well Anonymous 2231, contrary to what Oscar Wilde said, there are something worse than not being talked about.

That would be the position Ryan is in right now. He's getting coverage but just about everything after that isn't good. Even his commitment is being questioned based largely on his own performance and comments.

That just isn't good.

And the best part of it is that since you lacked the courage to actually sign your name to your comments, no one will take anything you've written seriously.

Anonymous said...

OMG i think ed Fainted
One day Ed Hollett is walking in a field near his home when he comes upon a bottle. He rubs the bottle and a genie pops out. The genie says to young Ed, "Son, you have released me, I will grant you one wish." So, the Ed ponders it for a few minutes, and says "I want to have a bridge that will connect newfoundland to the mainland, so that it will be easier to get back and forth to the rest of Canada." The genie replies, "No, I can't do that. It's too much change, too soon. The people aren't ready for that yet." So, then Ed thinks about it again, and says, "I'm a proud internet blogger and I'm sick of everyone always putting me down and calling me stupid. I want to be as smart, if not smarter, than any other Canadian." The genie thinks about this for a minute and replies, "So...Ed do you want two lanes or four?"

Anonymous said...

Ryan Cleary was standing on a manhole cover in downtown Toronto, jumping up and down and yelling 87.

For these and other great jokes, try anonymousdipperjokes.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Why is it when you can’t defend your own stupidity you turn the gun on any of the many Anonymous commenters. Sign your name at least you say!!!
of the 12 comments to this post half of the are anonymous even if 3 are from me but at least I make ya laugh, people shake their head at you Put your name on a ballot and then maybe people might take you serious. Or you will actually find out how many friends you really have. As well you should expose in fairness who that you represent as a consultant. Then we would at least understand you were paid to do it.
Transparency is not just for politicians and governments it’s for people like you as well. winky winky Ed wants his Dinkies back

Edward G. Hollett said...

Hang on a second, Anonytwerp 0016, I think I have a few spare straws from Wendy's you can grasp for next.

When you start signing your real name to your comments maybe then you can lecture people about transparency.

Anonymous said...

why do you allow the post of anonymous comments anyway. it's your blog you could control that.
delete us sure censor your blog so it only says what you want it to say...And then, things went horribly wrong…

Anonymous said...

again his only trick is When you start signing your real name to your comments maybe then you can lecture people about transparency.

so until then you can do what you please and not disclose who you represent
tell us ed. Be and man and stand up and say who you work for
maybe we should get the media to Hone in on you...and find the shit pile you throw from

Edward G. Hollett said...

It's a free country, Anonytwerp 0028.

If you want to make an arse of yourself, who am I to deny you a platform?

Besides since you are evidently highly experienced at making an arse of yourself in public, it's worthwhile to let the young generation see what dedication and practice can reap.

Without allowing anonymous comments, the world would rarely get to see such displays of highly polished village idiocy of the type practiced by you and your anonymous associates.

Keep it up, guys. The only being done is to yourselves and the cause you support.

Anonymous said...

the fact you won't disclose who you work for you speak for them anonymously
speaks just as loud as any of the anonymous comments.
the reality is your the village idiot and a paid one at that we call dem whores eggs, mammy so tell us all, your girlfriends name or is she afraid to let people know that. just keep it secret sweety and i love you long time

Edward G. Hollett said...

well, 0050, this all sounds very familiar.

Two years ago, Ryan and a few of his friends tried exactly the same smear campaign you are on again now.

The spelling mistakes and grammatical problems give it away, plus the fact the same attack is being tried again tells me that the same group of people are a wee bit upset at Ryan's self-inflicted wounds.

Anonymous said...

Very paranoid actions by you my friend!
If you do not disclose who you represent, you then speak anonymously for them.
It’s a shame that you will put your reputation on the line, for these people, corporate groups and political partisan. Just to bash and give unfounded evidence or speculation against a person who leaves a public job in pursue of elected office.
I guess you have your reasons, you have to eat. But the fact you do not disclose who you stand for, is more anonymous and discrediting then any post we could write. Simply put you are being used and your anger in your response shows you are really a puppet of unnamed puppeteers

Edward G. Hollett said...

Well, Anonymous, there's no anger.

There is the simple fact: the people, like you, who attack me and my integrity do so from behind the coward's cloak of anonymity.

They make accusations for which there is no evidence.

And they consistently refuse to disclose who they are.

The only times these attacks come forward is when a certain group of people, usually identifable by their spelling and grammatical errors, become very frustrated that one of their friends or pet causes is being savaged in public, more often than not on the basis of proveable, verifiable information or self-inflicted wounds.

It happened two years ago in the run up to the 2007 election. And it has started in a minor form right now.

That's what has happened in this case.

Ryan Cleary made certain statements and I drew attention to them. All that happened after that is what happens when a high profile individual does what he did. Contrary to what you've done or written here here, every single word that I pointed to and linked to is verifiable. People can check it out for themselves.

They can see exactly what Ryan said over time and they can make their own judgment about the whole issue.

Just like they know that you, my friend, are a coward.

The only people making those sorts of statements, attacking my reputation with smears - as you are doing right now - are people who lack the personal, moral integrity to stand behind their own words in public.

They hide their identities and they say things which are untrue.

That, in itself is telling.

I will put my reputation and integrity against yours any day. It's easy because you've already branded yourself.

Anonymous said...

Just a side question. Why was Linda given the boot? Will She be back?

i'm not peter either said...

I have also noticed the numerous comments by anonymous posters who make the same spelling mistakes and other giveaway errors over and over again!

I think they must all have had the same bad teachers!

I'm Definitely Not Peter said...

Another great thing the denomination education system gave us: shit spelling.

Anonymous said...

And molested children.

Anonymous said...

I think most people leave 'anonymous' comments because they hate to admit they actually respond to the blog posts of such absolute morons. It just validates what Ed is doing: bitching from behind a keyboard; sounding off on things he'd never dare say in person. And does anyone else find it ironic that under his blog's headline, Ed has the statement 'Countering negativity since 2005.' Shouldn't that read 'Encouraging negativity since 2005'?

Edward G. Hollett said...

First of all, Anonymous 0047, if someone like me really is a "moron" who only "encourages negativity", then why even bother to try and 'counter" that at all. It should be so obvious and really so irrelevent and trivial that august people with such great intellect as yourself would figure it out and just dismiss it altogether.

No, 0047, there's some other reason why you do whatever you and the rest of your anonymous friends do.

An anonymous comment that calls me names like "moron" doesn't say anything about me at all. It does, however, reveal the evidently deep concern that people like you have about what I write.

It also reveals the shallowness of your position since you can only resort to insults and name calling.

You have no information, no facts, no logical argument. You have no inspiring words. You have only the negativity inherent in attacking me personally.

Second, I do not sound off "on things he'd never dare say in person."

By the very act of writing what I write publicly with my name and picture associated with them, I am sounding off on things in person.

The people who do skulk about sounding off on things they would never own up to are people like yourself. They are the people who attack individuals personally, with name calling (and nothing more). They attack people's character and integrity and they do so without once ever identifying who they are.

They are cowards and their cowardice is obvious. They lack personal integrity and that too is plain to see.

Lastly, I figured that bit about negativity might go up the nose of the anonypartisans like yourself.

It's one of the favourite lines they came up with to dismiss people who offer any form of comment that doesn't fit with the line coming from their particular cause.

It doesn't have to be from another partisan; anyone who dares to say something that runs against the line come from the Blue Crew in the Confederation building is "negativity".

But again, that itself is inherently, nasty, negative and personal. It doesn't encourage open discussion and understanding. It is designed to give people like you the tools to launch attacks and to try and intimidate others who merely try to voice an opinion.

When it comes to negativity though, I can't think of anything more negative than attacking some personally, as you just did by calling me names.

When it comes to negativity, I can't think of anything more negative (and reprehensible) than attacking people personally when that is all a critic has. The entire swatch of "traitor" and "quisling" talk is a sign of the dark core of a wave of negativity that has been washing over the province since 2001.

When it comes to negativity, nothing is inherent more negative than telling people that they have been hoodwinked countless times and taken to the cleaners by all sorts of people. It breeds in people self-doubt and a sense of ignorance and impotence. As I have said, the only people who tell Newfoundlanders and Labraqdorians they are stupid and incompetent are Newfoundland nationalists. That's another part of the dark core of negativity I have been working to counter.

Give people information - factual, accurate information - and they will know what to do with it. Then trust people to make up their minds and they will invariably make the right choices.

Be open and encourage discussion and debate of ideas and issues.

But attacking people personally? Trying to shut down discussion and offering nothing of substance? That's pretty much negative. I can understand why people do not wish to sign their names to such comments and be known publicly, indelibly for what they represent.

It speaks to a deep seated fear and all people like me can wonder is what people like you, Anonymous 0047 are so afraid of.

Thanks, though, for proving the point about anonymous comments, yet again.

WJM said...

It just validates what Ed is doing: bitching from behind a keyboard; sounding off on things he'd never dare say in person.

Says an anonymous coward, without any obvious signs of being ironic.

Edward G. Hollett said...

That's the thing Wally. Some of these people just have no sense of irony or whatever it is.

Like the Bill Maher comment about the guy who stands up at a meeting in the States and wants the government to keep its hands off his medicare.

or the blog guy who supports free speech by censoring comments.

Bill had a word for it but it would be too negative to use.