19 August 2009

The whole story sometimes hurts


Ryan Cleary.

Wannabe (N)DP candidate Double Naught 1.5

License to shill.

Wasting no time in turning his attention to his latest dream job, former journalist Ryan Cleary is now writing letters to the editor of the local paper to poke as his political opponents, that is his opponents should he win the (New) Democratic Party nod in St. John’s South-Mount Pearl.

The subject: federal money for a new provincial penitentiary in Newfoundland and Labrador.

So, the federal Liberals are disappointed about the lack of action on Her Majesty's Penitentiary ("Lack of action on penitentiary disappointing: MP," Aug. 12 Telegram) and would do more to make a new prison a priority? That's surprising, considering the party totally ignored a direct question about their commitment to a new prison leading up to the October 2008 election.

Now for those who don’t know, this is an old chestnut from Tory campaigns past  that has become legendary in the local world of political efforts to buy votes with public money.

Originally, it was supposed to be a federal prison in the province built entirely with federal money and handling prisoners doing more than two years of a sentence. 

Since it was first tossed out in the early 1980s, the idea has morphed to its latest version in which the provincial government  - in the interim flush with oil cash - wants the federal government to pay 70% of the cost of building a new provincially-run prison.

Danny Williams included it in the most recent version of his now trade-mark schtick, the begging letter to Ottawa.  That’s the phrase that comes from the way  (N)DP member of parliament Jack Harris described this sort of stuff:

Some politicians think we gotta treat Ottawa like Santa Claus and write him begging or something...or when Joey was around it was "Uncle Ottawa" maybe he'll do us some favours.

Cleary apparently doesn’t agree.

It seems that the supposedly independently minded wannabe Dipper MP  endorses the approach of a provincial government going cap in hand to the federal government for money to do what the provincial government not only should do on its own but clearly has the cash to do on its own.

But if Liberal leader Stephane Dion didn’t talk about that particular issue in his response to the begging letter from Danny Williams, what  - pray tell  - did Jack Layton of the (N)DP offer?

Well, he sure didn’t jump at the chance to cost-share a provincial prison on a 70/30 basis with the feds picking up the larger bit.


Layton committed to finding an “acceptable funding arrangement”.  That’s it.

An acceptable funding arrangement could be anything from having the province bear the whole load to having the federal government pay only enough to represent the handful of prisoners that are held in provincial custody awaiting transfer to federal custody.  That wouldn’t likely be 70%, incidentally.

No wonder Cleary didn’t make any reference to the letter Jack wrote. His party isn’t really any better than the crowd he’s trying to poke.  Well, at least when it comes to answering people that come begging to Uncle Ottawa.

Sometimes the whole story is just too painful to write, even in a brief letter to the editor.



Anonymous said...

when you set your sights for something in life it either appears to be real or a dream. I think mr. cleary has yet to determine if the dream is real or just another Nightmare.
enough said

Anonymous said...

Do we need a new prison? Absolutely. Do we have enough prisoners serving federal sentences to justify a federally funded penitentiary? Thankfully, no. Some non-violent federal prisoners (burglars, for example) do get to serve their sentences in Stephenville. Violent offenders serving federal sentences are "deported": they serve in Federal institutions, depending on classification of offence and risk management. Sex offenders might be in Dorchester or Kingston, for example, while murderers might be in Collins Bay, Stony Mountain, or Renous. But where ever they are, they are neither in Newfoundland nor in Labrador.
Cleary is not just a political opportunist; he is a "Newfie nationalist", who touts independence from Canada out of one side of his mouth, while demanding federal funding for the Province out of the other.
Predictably, he will have exhausted any and all credibility due him long before the Federal election is even called.

Snuff L. Upagus said...

The comments online to Ryan's letter are equally funny, acusing Coady of looking for attention.

That's so much different from someone like (hypothetically speaking of course) a failed newspaper editor who gets himself a new soapbox by suddenly jumps into politics by running for office for a party he used to ridicule, then losing the election jumps into a five-nightly radio gig, and having got quit, parades around town with his party leader, re-announces his re-entry into politics for that party, and then starts shilling for the party by writing letters to the editor of the paper.

Totaly different, by, totally different.

Anonymous said...

Ba ha ha ha. Ed's Cleary crush continues!

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Siobhan Toady must be pretty worried if her surrogate is grasping at these straws.

How's your buddie Scott Andrews Ed?

Is he getting worried like Harper's Toady in South-Mount Pearl is?

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Siobhan Toady must be pretty worried if her surrogate is grasping at these straws.

How's your buddie Scott Andrews Ed?

Is he getting worried like Harper's Toady in South-Mount Pearl is?

Edward G. Hollett said...

Snuffy, you really shouldn't be so cynical.

But you are right and the comments are funny for just that reason.

We've heard very little if anything from Siobhan for months on end and the only time she does show up is to push along this turd of an old idea.

And speaking of turd pushing, you can tell when comments strike a bit too close to some homes. The well-manured portion sof the anonyplant community come forward with the same effluent.

overall, it's going to be a very interesting election when it comes and if Cleary can secure the (N)DP nob.

Since it is supposedly his dream job to be an MP, one wonders what he'll do if he loses the Dipper nomination.

Will he run as an "Independent"? Surprisingly that thought never seemed to come to him the last time either. It would have made his political life a whole lot easier and certainly I'd imagine some of the long time New Democrats out there would have been happier NOT to have him as the candidate.

Like I said before, all it takes is a further warming of relations between the provincial and federal Connies to make the whole race in St. John's South-Mount Pearl a heckuva lot more interesting than it looks like so far.

Note I said "further warming."

Anonymous said...

Hey Ed,

Note I said "further warming."

Does this mean some warming is happening?