13 August 2009

Wolfe Island Wind Farm Project

Canadian Hydro Developers Inc operates a 197.8 megawatt wind farm project on Wolfe Island, near Kingston Ontario.

CHD installed the 86 turbines on farmland on the island in early 2009 and the project achieved operational status in early July.  The power is sold directly into the Ontario grid.  Each windmill cost $5.5 million. The overall project cost approximately $500 million.

The project hasn’t been without its share of critics, environmental watchdogs and complaints about noise are already appearing. A group opposed to wind turbines has started in prince Edward County. 

There are also supporters, as well.

The new masthead picture is of a portion of the Wolfe Island wind farm, taken from the ferry running between Kingston and Wolfe Island.



Anonymous said...

and the photographer is?

Anonymous said...

Forget Wolf Island!

I'm surprised that no one has noticed the Tory connection with the crowd that NALCOR bought the shares from in the Parsons Pond area oil drilling area!
Note the name "Paul Shelly" anyone?

WJM said...

Isn't it wonderful how the government in Ontario is building energy projects like this? That's what Danny is doing with his equity stakes and drilling for oil himself and making the government own all the hydro and wind projects, he is turning NL into a new Ontario!

Anonymous said...

and the photographer is?

Edward G. Hollett said...

Ah but it isn't the Government of Ontario, WJM.

It's the private sector. The government merely created the legal and regulatory environment for things to happen.

That wind farm couldn't happen in NL without NALCO geting a guaranteed pecentage up front.

Government in all its dimensions basically sits in the path of innovation. While other jurisdictions are moving ahead with new, innovation green projects NL (and Quebec) and focused exclusively on grigantic dinosaur projects left over from the 1970s.

Even the government's own energy plans stands firmly on the next of innovation. There will be no decision on maybe, possibly allowing alternative energy generation unless and until NALCO can sort out the Lower Churchill first.

They create an either or proposition needlessly. They event preclude themsevles from being involved in new technologies and new ideas.

Why that happens is a mytery but there's no mistaking that Nl has taken a gigantic leap into the past. Heck, even oil drilling is being rationalised on the basis of a mke-work project.

And then people wonder how successive governments racked up a 12 billion dollar debt. With exactly that sort of thinking, that's how

Dick Shunary said...

The photographer is a person who uses a camera to take two-dimensional representations of people, places and things.

These are sometimes called photographs, images, snaps, snapshots, pictures or stills. They may be color or black and white.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Jason, if you scroll down the right hand margin you'll find the disclaimer/comments policy and the e-mail address to send an inquiries.

Anonymous said...

just you list everybodys name but the credit for the photographer who took the picture on the mast head of you website a photo credit would be respectable ...geeze i was just curious a great photo.
you told us where the photo was taken but not by whom it was taken by

Anonymous said...

People love wind farms in the abstract but try putting one anywhere near where they live. They are ugly, noisy, unproven commercially and they kill a lot of birds. Until there are few more generations of tech. Ontario can have them. I think it's the perfect photo for the masthead.

WJM said...

Ah but it isn't the Government of Ontario, WJM. It's the private sector. The government merely created the legal and regulatory environment for things to happen.

You're speaking gibberish.

WJM said...

NL (and Quebec) and focused exclusively on grigantic dinosaur projects left over from the 1970s.

Actually, Quebec has more private-sector wind and hydro going on than at any time since the nationalization, and a lot more investment, as a result of Hydro-Quebec getting at least partially out of the way, than "booming" Dannystan.

Private-sector proponents can build wind farms and at least small
hydro projects in Quebec.

In Dannystan, they aren't allowed. In fact, they are actively shown the door.

WJM said...

Until there are few more generations of tech. Ontario can have them.

Ah, yes, the same attitude that the government of Newfoundland had after the Great War, when Britain offered it (and the other colonies and dominions) its surplus wartime aircraft.

Australia took some, from which grew the "Flying Doctors" and eventually Qantas.

Canada took some, from which bush planes, Dehavilland, and Pratt and Whitney.

Newfoundland said, "we don't need planes, we have the Reid Newfoundland Alphabet steamers."

Edward G. Hollett said...

Well, WJM, if Quebec has more private wind power going, they are well ahead of the curve.

As you say though, in these parts, private sector development is given the cold shoulder. Heck, as with ENEL and Fortis they can find their property seized by the Crown in one fell swoop.

As for the NIMBY attitude displayed by Anonymous 1522, wind far, wind farms are far less harmful to the environment than massive hydroelectric dam projects that flood acres of land and alter water courses. Wind farms have been around for years elsewhere on the planet and hence are already proven in every sense of the word. They are ideally suited to Newfoundland and labrador and they could be up and running already if only government policy wasn't standing in the way.

When I was in Kingston on holiday, I took the picture (if that makes you happy 1512) and a bunch more besides.

While the lead up to the project took a while, the towers were shipped from Europe and started arriving a year ago. They were all on site by December 2008. They were installed over the winter and achieved operational capability in late June/early July.

By contrast a massive hydro project like Lower Churchill will take years to build and cost billions if it even gets approval in the first place and the money can be raised.

The picture is the perfect masthead, 1522, because it is innovative and progressive and invariable it will attract the sort of reaction you offered.

As a last point, thanks for the airplane story, WJM. It's like the opportunity to sit as a separate country at the Versailles talks in 1919. If I recall my history correctly, Newfoundland was the only Dominion to turn down the opportunity.

J Landry said...

So let me get this straight. You're complaining that NL is focused on projects left over from the 1970. You think focusing on 17th century technology is better? Wind power is nothing but a symbolic gesture. It's expensive (almost totally subidized in most cases), extremely unreliable and unproductive. Please spare me the pretty pinwheel garbage. Wolfe Island has been destroyed as a community and a tourist spot.

J Landry said...

Find out what Ontarians think of this sell-off of rural communities and natural areas: http://windconcernsontario.org

Dig Deep. Enron might come to mind.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Hardly, J.

Wolfe Island is still thriving just as it always has been.

Wind power is hardly expensive. At Wolfe Island the cost of each tower was $5.5 million, installed. That's not expensive and certainly doesn't need to be carried to the extent a $10 billion pair of dams will be carried for decades.

The technology is proven, it works and in combination with outher generation sources, it's viable form of energy production.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Well, that may be what some Ontarians think but it is by no means universal. Your emphasis in referring to "sell-off" is with respect to a specific project involving Crown land.

If you've got solid environmental issues that's one thing.

But Enron?

Thant's the sort of hysterical nonsense that tends to turn off most people.

tedhsu said...

Thanks for coming to Kingston for your holidays!

LMA said...

Citizens who have to live next to these industrial wind farms have every right to voice their concerns about noise, flicker, environmental impacts. To call them NIMBY's just indicates to me that you have a closed mind on this subject.

Edward G. Hollett said...

NIMBY wasn't the right word. What Anonymous 1522 was displaying was really a completely closed mind right from the start.

He wasn't voicing a concern about noise or anything else. He was just announcing he wasn't even prepared to think of anything. Period.

He's got every right to his opinion and to voice it.

KM said...

The banner photograph is indeed striking, but in emphasizing the turbines the houses underneath them were obscured.

Edward G. Hollett said...

KM, that's a straight shot with no changes or distortions or effects added.

Now my perception at the time was that the turbines were no where near as prominenht as they appear in this photo. What's more, walking around Marysville on the island, I couldn't even tell there were turbines anywhere on the island. They were invisible and silent.