04 September 2009

Clued out

Lorraine Michael needs to read more or get better research staff.

"I'm glad that the premier has finally shown that he believes that being part of a Canada-wide energy plan is something that he believes in. I had not heard this before."

Try 2007, for example.

Or the same story, as rendered by the Ceeb:

One topic that dominated Thursday morning's sessions was the idea to build a national energy grid that would make sure all provinces benefit fully from Canada's resources. 

"We need to find a way to get those [resources] to the Canadian people," Williams said. "There is a solution here."

or this:

Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams, whose government is keen to relaunch the mothballed Lower Churchill Falls hydro mega-project to sell power to energy-hungry Ontario, said he would be open to having the federal government fund all or part of a new national electrical grid.

Heck, you can even find reference to hooking onto the grid in the 2003 Tory campaign book if you bother to go look.

All that extra cash the government caucus threw to Lorraine last winter evidently hasn’t helped to clue her in.  A 30 second google search and a raft of quotes turned up all showing only that Michael is out to lunch on this energy issue.

h/t to a keen reader, DL.



Anonymous said...

Right. How are Liberal's doing Ed? Heard there was a poll out this week.

Don't worry Ed, before long Danny will be gone and someone will actually want to lead the Liberals.

Then you and the other weasels (Lono, Sue-KD, JMA, etc,) can get back to cutting schools to pay for wine and art and funner stuff than health, education and roads.

Edward G. Hollett said...

2002, you'll have to maybe take another stab at it. You see this post was about one politician not understanding what another politician was saying.

The political parties involved was irrelevent.

Perhaps you should just to stick to your usual one-handed Internet haunts and leave the sites with big words on them for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Eddie. We all know that you, this blog, and your Liberal Party is as right wing as Harper ever will be. Now you go back to shitting on Cleary and everyone will at once see how credible your non-stop-crappery really is.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Sorry, 1807, these little rants of yours are very confusing.

Like I said just stick to the one-handed sites and you'll have far more fun.