12 September 2009

From the rumour mill: municipal politics version

Stuff you hear around.

Could be real.

Could be something else.

You decide.

1. Win or lose – and more likely the latter than the former - Rompin’ Rip-Off Ronnie Ellsworth will ditch municipal politics to run in St. John’s North in the next provincial election. 

The guy has made no secret of his aggressive ambitions that go all the way to being the second Cable Guy to occupy the Eighth Floor.   Ever notice Ron’s love of words like “piece” and how he has tried to copy other aspects of his idol’s political approach?

Ronnie’s rapid rise – never more than 18 months in a political job  - fits perfectly with the timetable to replace  the geriatric Tory incumbent and then 18 months after that look to replace his political heartthrob.

2.  Win or lose  - again more likely the latter than the former - Keith Coombs will look to run in St. John’s West in the next provincial election when the geriatric Tory incumbent in that seat finally retires. 



Anonymous said...

Ellsworth's talents are needed to sort out the province's biggest city.

Ellsworth is still young. There's plenty of time for other things.

In the meantime, residents of St. John's will benefit from Ellsworth's common sense approach to governing. Let's hope he doesn't prematurely use his council seat as a springboard to provincial politics.

...sound familar??

Anonymous said...

Win or lose - again more likely the latter than the former - Keith Coombs will look to run in St. John’s West in the next provincial election when the geriatric Tory incumbent in that seat finally retires.

We should ask Shannie...she knows all about these things!!

Anonymous said...

What talents are those? Pie-eating?

Anonymous said...

People have seen right through Ron. Ron's Done, stick a fork in him. Dinners On!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ya..it does sound familar. Try this link


Edward G. Hollett said...

Nice to see you read the Scope, 2117. You just need to take the right bracket out.

Of course, the Scope mentioned first impressions and that comment from April 2006 was very much an early impression.

Things have changed but not for the better as far as my views on Ellsworth go.

Anonymous said...

The people of St. John's have seen through Ron Ellsworth.

Anonymous said...

It really is a shame that you have to stoop to rumors. What crap! Tell a lie enough and people start to accept it as truth. Gerry Colbert was spurting the same stuff last week. Ron is moving to fast, he should have waited to run for Mayor. He is young. He has lots of time. The O'Keefe/Coombs/Tucker/Wells team must be worried to be out pushing rumors and innuendo.

idinger said...

How's it going, Peter?

Edward G. Hollett said...

1322, it's more telling that you are miffed.

Rumours clearly labelled as such have no impact.

it's when people do things like pretend to be neutral or try and appear neutral when they are actually working a campaign that you are into the level of "stooping."

In Ellswort's case, his pattern of behaviour over the past four suggests that - as I noted even in 2006 - the guy was making noises about bigger and better things about six or eight months after ggetting electedc municpally the first time.

Whatever conspiracy you imagine is out there doesn't have to push rumours to create doubts about Ellsworth. The guy works over-time to produce doubts on his own.

But like I said, rumours labelled as rumours are stripped of their power.

What really is screwing Ellsworth over is the stuff people can see for themselves isn't unfounded rumour.

Anonymous said...

Ed's liberal buddies have all attempted to use municipal politics as a launch pad for provincial politics. Simon Lono ran for council - failed and than ran in St. John's North. Tom Hand has been a little more successful. He failed to get elected to council and the house of confusion before winning a seat on council. Bernard Davis is another liberal who is trying to position himself for a run in provincial politics. You are grasping at straws. If Ellsworth wanted to be in provincial politics he would have no problem getting elected unlike your liberal buddies.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Oh dear 1646, thanks for the insight.

Liberals use municipal politics as a springboard to provincial politics.

That is shocking.

And so unlike a string of Tories who not only dominate municipal politics around these parts but who have used it as a springboard for their political futures.

Must be some sensitivity in Tory circles and Ellsworth ones if this rumour has brought them out in such a panicky frame of mind.

Anonymous said...

In 1997 Ron Ellsworth ran in ward 4, he came 3rd with 946 votes in 2005 he was elected with 3302 votes. In by-election 2008 he garnered 19509 votes for a total of 23757 in 2001 Dennis O’Keefe became deputy mayor by achieving the most at large votes of 26122 (wow) and in 2005 he was re-elected deputy mayor with 25689 votes more votes were cast for him than for standing and newly re-elected mayor Andy Wells. He attracted some 25136 voters
Anyway the people of St. John’s simply put know what they like and even if Ron makes a proud showing of 10,000 plus votes he still will not have beaten Ray O’Neill’s 1997 vote count of 11008 votes, as an at-large candidate. (Ray was not re-elected either) Dennis O’Keefe beat him out. Ron and Ray something in Common
to sum it up i leave you with this comparison. A politician thinks of the next election - a statesman of the next generation
kinda reminds us of whos running. I know who the politian is, do you ?

Anonymous said...

so your speculation, as far and as wacko as it is, is that Ron Ellsworth will only attain less than 10,000 votes. Interesting!
my guess is he will get less than 8000


It would appear that there is a culture of entitlement around Doc O'Keefe.

He has received great support in the past, has been Mayor for less than a year, hardly anytime at all. O'Keefe took 58 per cent of the 33,711 votes cast in the mayor's race last year. That should be enough for two elections. He should have been acclaimed with his record of accomplishments.

Pay not heed to the fact that his prize accomplishment - the Harbour Clean-Up came in $50 million way over budget and was bailed out by the federal and the province governments.

Pay not heed to the fact that he helped bring us Mile One and supported Coombs in racking up massive deficits.

Pay not heed to the fact that he supported closing down the Petty-Harbour-Long Pond water supply with no plan to replace the 30 million liters a day while unbridled development continued on.

Pay no heed to Deputy Mayor O'Keefe and the council attempting to vote themselves significant raises in 2004 right after a municipal election in which none of the incumbents raised the issue of increased benefits.They only backed down when the uproar from the public emerged.

Pay no heed that O'Keefe has been on council for twelve years, four municipal assessment periods and is now getting around to look for solutions to high property tax assessments and the impact on the elderly and those on fixed incomes.

Pay no heed that O'Keefe is a notorious fence sitter who changes his positions like the weather.

His is a great record. Worthy of acclamation.

How dare anyone run against him and that record!

Edward G. Hollett said...

Well, "citywatcher" if we want to get into that sort of stuff, neither of the two major contenders has anything to crow about.

Evidently the election is heating up since the astroturf - and you are a Mile One Stadium of astroturf in your own right - is growing at an astonishing pace.

Anonymous said...

did ya see Rip-offRonnies comercial... yada yada yada wimpie dooodoooo
i have switched i'm voting for Ron

Ronnie, Ronnie, Roonie!!!!!!