22 October 2009

Kennedy on Straits by-election: Hail Mary!

Guess what?

Lab and x-ray service is staying in Flower’s Cove.

Former finance minister Jerome Kennedy announced the decision today on voice of the cabinet minister’s morning call-in show.

The Tory candidate must not be doing too well in the by-election.



Anonymous said...

Backtalk is hilarious today! One former Cabinet Minister is trying to pull the old I wanna talk to you supervisor trick!

Winston Smith said...

This must be a new twist on the One Percent Doctrine that Ron Suskind wrote about.

Last week's TASS communiqué stated, "Williams says he has spoken with the Health Minister and is 99% sure the services are going to stay."

Good thing that Williams wasn't 100% sure last week; otherwise, there wouldn't have been an opportunity to make a big announcement.

But wait a minute. Today's edict states, "Win or lose in the Straits-White Bay North next week, the Tory government says Flower's Cove will be keeping their lab and r-ray services."

"r-ray services"? Who is writing this stuff -- Scooby Doo?

This sounds like an opportunity to make another last-minute announcement that Flower's Cove will keep its x-ray services, along with the r-ray unit.

And, by the way, the stakes are not just win or lose, but winning and winning Danny-style. Even a close Tory victory would have serious political repercussions.

Edward G. Hollett said...


They mean D-Ray which is a new device that cures cancer by holding a picture of Danny on the afflicted area. It replaces the J-ray from the 1960s when people used to hold pictures of Joey on the injury spot.

Now I am not sure if the new device does the full range of things the old J-ray used to do. Apparently, Joey's picture could cure warts, purify water and feed the multitudes with loaves and fishes.

Incidentally, the Kennedy announcement, plus Kevin O'Brien today plus Paulie O have led to another kremlinology post coming later on.