29 October 2009

Williams fears wheeling partner will bail, too

New Brunswick Tory Opposition leader Danny Williams said today that New Brunswickers should rise up and oppose the plan to sell NB Power to Hydro-Quebec.

Williams, who is also Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, said that "if [Quebec also] acquires P.E.I. and Nova Scotia [power], we will find ourselves in a situation where one province will have energy control of the entire Maritime provinces. It will be attempting to strand Newfoundland and Labrador. So good, cheap, competitively priced energy, can't be offered to that whole region.”

Williams is worried that HQ might also buy Nova Scotia Power?

Of course, that would be the  Nova Scotia Power that is owned by the same company  - Emera – that Williams is paying to sell electricity from Churchill Falls into New York state. 

Yes that’s right.  While Williams was frothing about the negative impact of the NB Power deal on Lower Churchill power sales to the United States, he is already selling power through Quebec and happily agreed to pay $19 million annually to do so. 

So much for blocking the Lower Churchill, right?

And now Williams is concerned that Emera will bail on him in favour of selling their Nova Scotia subsidiary to HQ.

Things must be getting really bad for Williams if he believes that even his business partners are abandoning him.  That’s on top of reports that have his party organizers blaming Trevor Taylor, the former member of the provincial legislature, for Williams’ loss in the Tuesday by-election.  Talk about clubbing the fans.

Next thing you know he’ll be accusing his campaign donors of screwing him over too.



George said...

I don't get it Ed...
If this deal is so bad on a competative basis, and it's supposedly going to bring changes in pricing to the consumer in a bad way, not to mention the availability of the markets to Churchill electricity exports, then why doesn't he take his complaint to the federal Competition Bureau?


Edward G. Hollett said...

Well maybe because he has no case and knows it.

this is really just a distraction from the rejection in the Straits. Other Tories are writing letters to the editor and online saying their party is not dead (no one said it was) or that this is not the start of the end (well not many are saying that). They are evidently in a great emotion turmoil, full of fear and uncertainty.

Some cope by writing. Danny copes by going off on a rant fest. I wondered where the HydroQueen went. Well, now there's a HydroDramaQueen. Either that or Danny is taking policy advice from Sue now, just like Roger did. Wouldn't surprise me. He's followed up on pretty well all the things Roger did.

Jingles said...

There seems to be a lot of paranoia happening. Why is Williams so irrationally suspicious and distrustful of others? Perhaps a causway joining the northern tip of the Island with Labrador would ease the fear of being way out there in the Atlantic and not knowing what is going on in the rest of the country. Hence, the paranoia of being left alone.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Funny you should mention another irrational idea like the Stunnel to deal with another set of irrational ideas.

Jingles said...

"Funny you should mention another irrational idea like the Stunnel to deal with another set of irrational ideas."

That was my point Ed.

WJM said...

The other advantage of building the Stunnel is that it would give NewfNats a rallying cry to match that of the Cape Breton Liberation Army.

Art MacKay said...

Gee guys ... Danny Williams is the Premier (as in Governor) of the Province (as in State) of Newfoundland and Labrador. He has no affiliation in New Brunswick. However, the 4 Atlantic Provinces (NL, Nova Scotia (as in Peggy's Cove), PEI (as in dear Anne of Green Gables)and New Brunswick (as in drive through) form a vast area of energy wealth and are a vital corridor to the eastcoast of the United States. Quebec wants to separate. It would be like selling your energy future to ... say Cuba with no revenue steam to you.

It would make more sense for the 4 Atlantic Provinces and Maine to form a partnership!!!