18 December 2009

Purely coincidental: Hydro-Quebec/NB Power version

Some of these things are linked.  Some may be purely coincidental.

1.  Hydro-Quebec plans to buy NB Power including the Point LePreau nuclear generating plant.  October 29.

2. Ontario Senator Lowell Murray thinks it’s time for the federal government to get interested in the Hydro-Quebec/NB Power thingy. December 15.

3.  Ontario considering sale of hydro-electric generation, transmission and distribution assets. December 16.

4.  Government of Canada announcements plans to sell off the Candu reactor division of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.  December 17.



steve said...

Hydro-Quebec/NB Power "THINGY"???
Great journalism big fella.
Steve Marshall

New said...

Steve, after you went through your recent temper tantrum, i am surprised you are ready to write again. It was enlightening to see that the Premier's partner was also trained solely in personal insults. Who started this school of thought, you or him?

Ed Hollett said...

Steve, surely goodness you can find something constructive to do rather than pursue your relentless campaign of negativity, pessimism and personal attacks.

It really is unbecoming of such an eminent member of the local bar.

If you have such energy perhaps you'd like to devote it to something positive and constructive. Maybe you could ask Bob, Jerome, Glenda or Randy, all of whom took silk around the same time as you how to do that. We don't seem them prowling around the Internet at all hours of the night behaving like some partisan sock puppet.

How about Mark Pike? QC'ed after you and now he is the provincial court chief judge.

maybe you could bring all that energy to something uplifting. Like say bringing to wider public attention the fact that there are 239 boil water advisories in the province affecting over 170 communties. Some of them date back 20 years.

One might think that a man with such energy that he can leave shitty comments at 2:30 in the morning would actually try and do something positive with his time like expressing some concern for the thousands of people in his own province who can't safely get a cup of tea without boiling the water that comes out of their tap.

You see, maybe now the issue is out there something can get done about it.

That's the reason I went at the Gros Norme thing. Try and highlight a problem so it can get fixed. And what happened? The Premier made the right decision and then had words of rpaise for those of us that kept up the struggle despite all the negativity and pessimism and crap.

He appreciates such constructive efforts. Why can't you be constructive too?

steve said...

I'm getting flak from you and your anonymous buddy so, in your words, I must be over the target. Perhaps you regret trivializing the NB/HQ matter as a thingy, perhaps you don't. We all make mistakes, I certainly have. In any event, have a safe and Happy Holiday Season.
Steve M.

Ed Hollett said...

Ah, now I get it, you are just an attention slut.

New said...

You are one funny guy Steve. You made a ridiculous comment and I thought it would be equally funny to point out how ridiculous it was. The NB/Quebec "thingy" had nothing to do with it. It could have been on any article anywhere. In fact, Steve, please let me know where else you post these hilariously off base personal attacks so i can comment on them as well.

steve said...

couple questions boys:
1. Ed, 8th request, where do you work?
2. New, who are you?

New said...

Steve, I am an example of the failed Williams Government. One, along with nearly my entire high school class who has left NL to find work across the globe. I have a name, but it does not add anything to the conversation. I'm at most, only a concerned expatriate. Your question about where the author of this blog works is alarming. It would seem your only purpose in knowing this information would be to put pressure on those clients(who in my opinion, whoever they are, are getting the best in class) this is another reason why the Williams government is failing. They and their fans spend all their time beating down on the critics when they could be proving their critics wrong through getting things done. When anyone(not limited to here) points out a shortcoming of the government, instead of working to change, they work to suppress and berate. Its embarrassing to tell new friends in new countries about how pitiful of a government NL has.

New said...

Steve? I miss you.