08 February 2010

From base commander to QDC

News today from Trenton of the arrest of the local base commander on two counts of murder, two counts of sexual assault and two counts of break and enter would be shocking news in itself.

The you take a look at the guy’s service record.

And if he is found guilty, he would have evaded background checks and security clearances at pretty high levels within National Defence and the Canadian Forces.

Those are all things for later, after a trial that will look at events that took place after the guy arrived in Trenton in July 2009.  Undoubtedly other police services will be looking into unsolved cases that coincident with times the guy was in their neck of the woods.

Like, say Halifax Metro and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for the years between 1992 and 1995 when the guy flew with 434 Squadron while it was based at 12 Wing Shearwater.

s_sign_detention For now, the former VIP pilot will be cozying up with his fellow inmates at the Quinte [pronounced kwintee] Detention Centre near Napanee. 

It’s not one of the nicer spots in the Ontario corrections system.

Sort of on par with Her Majesty’s Penitentiary in St. John’s  - but nowhere near as old - where guests have been known to bunch three and four to a room designed for one or two just like at Quinte.

It’s a long way from what he’s been used to. 

But then again, if he’s found guilty, he’d better get used to it.

And be thankful he won’t be sent to the old detention barracks at Edmonton.



Allan said...

Hi Ed --

You point out that this accused murderer "would have evaded background checks and security clearances" for years. True. Or not.

Aren't you forgetting another possibility? Namely that his colleagues had suspicions but didn't say anything, closing ranks in the same way that Canadian military leadership did over the Somalia scandal in 1993. Out of some misguided sense of cameraderie.


Cliff said...

It's amazing how few people seem to be blogging about this yet. This is major. Among Canadians in the military or connected to the military across the country the Wing Commander of one of the biggest bases in the country, the departure and arrival spot for forces heading to and returning from Afghanistan, is one of the most important direct leadership positions in the military.

The entire Forces family across Canada must be in shock right now and there's worse to come for them.

The trial to come, the slow release of details, the policy and social questions it will bring up, this is going to become THE news story of the year.

Ed Hollett said...

Perhaps you misunderstood what checks I was talking about, Allan.

As he moved up the ladder, this guy would have been subjected to more and more intense security clearance checks. There are psych evaluations.

That's what I am referring to.

You seem to be referring to somethign else entirely and from the way you characterised it, it doesn't appear on the face of it that you have any familiarity with events in Somalia and before, at all.

I agree it will be a major story, Cliff if not one of the biggest of the year.

As for why no one is blogging on it, I can't even begin to think why that might be true.

Let's hope that the story is handled well between the media and the blogs. Let's hope that the sort of comment like Allan's don't become the dominant form.