05 February 2010

Sketchy Jerome

Colleen Power’s latest.

Be warned:  Language and drug references.



Winston Smith said...

I hadn't seen it yet, so thanks for posting it. Great way to start the morning, though watching the Black Horse made my coffee suddenly less tasty.

As I said about New Townie Man, there is more truth and humour in one of her songs than a dozen Great Big Sea pop songs.

If Wm. was confounded by your crytpic caterpillar conundrum, the appearance of Sketchy Jerome! could prompt a carpet-bombing of questions from suspicious minds.

Ed Hollett said...

Undoutbedly it will, Wins, b'y, but sometimes a cigar might just be a cigar as you well know.

Then again, even that might be taken as a cryptic reference to something by someone considering past references 'round these parts to someone named Raoul.

Wm. Murphy said...

Good to see Winston that I am top of mind when you have your early morning coffee...I hope for your sdake it's decaf. I really do appreciate that

Ed, I love your past references.You should know by now that I hang on every word you write.

Ed Hollett said...

In one sense, it's a bit like Coronation Street.

You can drop in and pick up the story line pretty quickly, but it helps if you know some of the back story.

In another sense, it's like a low-rent rip off of Twin Peaks.

Lots of obscure references and metaphors that sort of worked in the writing session but really are completely meaningless.

And then there is the stuff that does actually have a meaning but you have to figure it out.

Winston Smith said...

Willie, I have two young kids, so 9:00 a.m. is practically half-time around here. I'm afraid that I'm free-basing the pure Nabob (regular grind) this morning. It was, my sources tell me, a surprisingly quiet morning on the 8th Floor until WJM's latest research piece arrived via the intertubes. I'm just glad to be far away from the blast zone.

Ed Hollett said...

And at some point, Wins, the local media will start confronting the planted callers and ask them about why they are calling and who put them up to it.

Once you engage them in discussion their comments fall apart. randy is doing that as i type this.

But the key theing is to expose the story behind the whole thing in the first place.

Wm. Murphy said...

Thanks Winnie for the WJM tip...the hypocracy is blinding. Now only if the regular media could pose the question to why it is differnt this time around.

I also think that our friend over at P&P is gagging on his nabob right about now. But then again he is an expert on mitral valve proceedures.

Don't you just love snow days....Let the carpet bombing begin

WJM said...

And at some point, Wins, the local media will start confronting the planted callers and ask them about why they are calling and who put them up to it.

And you no, sum pepole rites pritty lettres to the news papper, to.

EdwardSmith said...

Very entertaining. Great acting. Should be put on CBC to replace "This Hour Has 22 Idiots," I mean "This Hour Has 22 Minutes."

But, wait, I forgot. When comedy shows are no longer funny on CBC, they say, "it's not comedy, it's satire, so it's not supposed to be funny.."

Am I right? Am I right?

Ron said...

Am I dense or out of the loop or something?

What is the connection between this video and moustache-less one?

Ed Hollett said...

None as far as I know, Ron.

It just so happens this vid appeared a couple of days ago and I thought it and the song were marvelous.