14 April 2010

Government-subsidised government jobs

There are two things to notice about a provincial government news release from the human resources and labour department announcing the awarding of $67,000 of job subsidies for seven jobs in the electoral district represented by the minister responsible for human resources and labour.

Well, there’s three if you include the fact that Susan Sullivan is announcing money for her own district and at no time makes reference to the fact it is her district.

But there are two other aspects of this release that scream out for attention:

Firstly, the news release gives absolutely no background whatsoever on what the seven people benefitting from the cash will be doing. In fact, aside from the first paragraph, the rest of the release pours out tons of boilerplate on the program used to pay for the jobs.

Secondly, one of the employers involved in the projects is the Nova Central School District. The money is for “the hiring of staff…” for the district.

In other words, the provincial government is using government money from one department to subsidize jobs in another line department.  Nova Central gets its funding from Darrin King, the education minister.

Talk about jobs that depend on taxes.

Talk about make-work schemes.



Wm. Murphy said...

Health Minister Jerome Kennedy has announced a one-time provincial grant of $200,000 to help the CNIB expand its programs and services in rural parts of the province.

Another "make work"...what is this gov't thinking??? Next thing you know the CNIB will be hiring staff from these funds

Ed Hollett said...

Steve Marshall couldn't have sneered it any better.

Wm. Murphy said...

what's that mean?

Ed Hollett said...

It means what it said: Steve Marshall couldn't have sneered it any better than you just did.

Wm. Murphy said...

all righty then...

Did you know that my neighbour Bill has three sisters who live up the street from you

Ed Hollett said...

And why exactly should I either know that or care?

Wm. Murphy said...

I just thought I would throw back a comment that too made absolutely no sense...wtf does Steve Marshall have to with anything?...or to put it another way...And if he does; why exactly should I either know that or care?

Ed Hollett said...

Well, evidently my comment caused you sufficient alarm that you went into some sort of creepy stalker mode.

As anyone familiar with this site reading my comment would have gathered, your sneering first comment was of the type that the Chief Fan could not have spit it out any better.

It bore all the hallmarks of a fan, right down to the sarcastic tone that demonstrated that you neither understood nor cared to understand what I wrote in the first place.

But evidently it bothered you.

Bothered you such that you had to respond with something more than a mere dismissal.


Wm. Murphy said...

Well, evidently my comment caused you sufficient alarm

no alarm Gryph. Just wondering if you can share the difference between the two announcements

But evidently it bothered you

Don't flatter yourself. I do not get bothered by your humble scribbles.

Ed Hollett said...

Au contraire, "Steve", but you quite obviously are bothered enough by my views to comment on them more than any other person thus far.

Plus, you comment negatively quite a bit and in a particular way, most recently about me personally without actually refuting any arguments. It's all classic ad hominem crap in the style favoured by friends and loyalists of the regime du jour.

And in this instance, you made a very interesting pair of comments at the start (including the initial "what does that mean?") that no reasonable person could interpret as being a request to explain the difference and another government announcement that is - on the face of it - different in kind and substance.

All very interesting and very revealing.

Wm. Murphy said...

You've completely lost it Eddie...you think I am Steve Marshall!!!!. That's fucking hillarious. If I wasn't laughing so much I would continue to fuel your paronoid view....but I couldn't do that, it would be grossly unfair to the reputation of Steve Marshall. Even though I do not know the man I understand that he is rather successful and influential in the Duckworth Street world. I'm okay with the "comparison" even though I wonder if Steve would be as complemenatry.

That's absolutely priceless. Now this and the fact that a while ago I posted anon comment over at Peter's site (the site that you don't like. don't read and don't reccomend) and you accused him of annonomously responding to his own comment....that was funny, but this... takes the cake.

From now on I promise that I will stop being sarcastic so that I am not consused with the fan clubbers.

Actually Ed..please continue the thread..I am anxious to find out what other bits you find interesting and revealing.

While you are at it...I suggest that you look under the bed and in the closet before you turn in for the night!!

Wm. Murphy said...

before I forget.

Why don't you have a jog back to a post where I commented on the fact that I thought the Confed lights had a blue hue. Remember that?
If I recall you actually said some nice things about me at the time...remember my "cash cab" comment to an out to lunch commenter. That had Steve Marshall written all over that to and fro!!!! Sarcasm...ooops)

How things change Eddie.

Even though Steve's brother is the man about the Junos..Suck it up and go out and have a pint and listen to some up and coming Canadian Hip Hop

Ed Hollett said...

And people think I can rattle on about nothing.

The only difference in this case is that you seem to have made a great deal out of very little at all.

Perhaps sarcasm doesn't come across well in print.

Or perhaps you are a wee bit paranoid.

Or perhaps this is another one of those cases where you become fixated on a small point.

Here's a thought that shouldn't require not one but two comments...

(and yes we all believe you when you say you weren't bothered by my comments)...

Speaking of going back to older posts and comments, why don't you try telling us how high oil would have to be to wipe out the billion dollar cash shortfall projected in the current budget?

A couple of seconds on the old calculator should give you the number.