28 May 2010

Every nickel counts

Officially, the Old Man noticed the thousands of people affected by the nine-month old strike at Vale Inco.

So he calls his buddy the Premier of Ontario.

Danny of NewfoundlandLabrador and Dalton of Ontario are concerned.

"I am extremely concerned with the impact these strikes are having on the women and men employed by Vale Inco and their families during these frustrating labour disputes," said Premier Williams. "Both strikes have gone on far too long, and the impacts are truly devastating and can be felt throughout the communities involved. It is time for both parties to reach a fair deal for those involved so that the hard-working employees can finally return to work and resume their lives.

And that’s true.  It’s been tough.

A month ago, Kathy Dunderdale was in charge of the file.

Now the Old man Hisself has it.

Things must be bad.  Not just for thousands but for millions.

The Vale Inco strike continues to be a major kick in the financial ghoolies for the provincial government. And at a time when oil prices are heading down instead of the hoped-for up, every nickel counts.

Mining royalties for 2010 are already forecast to be half what they were in 2009 and about 20% of what the provincial government raked in during 2008. Dropping to $60 million from over $300 million in a couple of years isn’t financially pretty.

So while no one should doubt the Premiers’ sincerity and their concern for the families of the striking workers, not to mention all those who depend on the companies for business, the provincial governments have a pretty wicked financial stake in this one as well.

Maybe Danny will expropriate Vale Inco’s holdings in the province if they don’t comply with his demand to end the strike immediately.

According to him, it worked before.



J said...

This is off topic but do you know of any possible leadership candidates for the Liberals?

Ed Hollett said...

Assuming we are talking provincially:

Sure but I don't that any of them are interested in running yet or running at all.

I also know people who are talked about by others but who aren't running or won't run.

And then I also know of people talked about for the Tory leadership to replace Danny when he goes.

That's really the lynchpin in the whole thing. Once his intentions are clear, all the rest will fall into place.

Until the Old Man confirms his intentions to go, it's all a mug's game trying to sniff out who might be this and who might be that.

Wm. Murphy said...

Hope you don't mind Gryph but allow this random drop by to spout off a bit...

makes you wonder why no one has the balls to face Danny. According to you the Lib people who are interested are waiting for Danny to decide what he is going to do. Says a lot about the candidate(s) character and abilities to convince people that they are the right person to do the job.

Just imagine...a bunch of "wait and sees" waiting in the wings dependent on the decision of someone else wheteher they are ready. There is a small part of me wanting Danny to stay so that we can put these wet noodle potential candidates to pasture (apologies if this sounds a little shrill)


J said...

I did mean provincially, I noticed the other day that nominations are now open but the only person to publically put their name forward over the last few months was Yvonne Jones and other higher profile people like Dean McDonald, Paul Antle and Gerry Byrne have also said that they won't run. I thought you may have some inside knowledge to who may take a shot at it.

Ed Hollett said...

It's fairly typical in this province for people to wait until the timing is right, i.e. there is no serious alternative.

Williams is a classic example. He bided his time until he could be virtually guaranteed of a win.

In some instances potential leaders have business interests that would suffer if they moved to the other political party at the wrong time.

None of the three names you mentioned "J" were ever serious candidates except in the minds of the people hyping them.

The situation is certainly not novel. What is truly curious about the current situation is the overwhelming focus on dominating the political landscape to the exclusion of all others no matter whether it's within one party or across all three; thou shalt have no other gods.... The amount of energy that goes into maintaining that system is astounding.