29 June 2010

In Alberta, they have problems too…

with a biased, incompetent Speaker in the provincial legislature.  As the Calgary Herald quoted recently:

In an unprecedented attack, she [Danielle Smith] went after legislature Speaker Ken Kowalski for twisting the rules to keep his party in power.

"The Speaker needs to remember that his job is to serve the interests of all Alberta," Smith said.

"Time and again he has failed in that role and failed Albertans. And make no mistake, it is Ed Stelmach who has given the Speaker permission to run roughshod over Alberta's democracy. . . ."

"I think Albertans are as shocked as we are by the behaviour of this government, having seen the games they play, having seen how they treat Albertans, having seen how they push around political leaders and bully their own caucus. . . . I don't recognize them as the party I once supported."

How many people in this province say the same sort of thing about the shenanigans that go on here?

Hint:  it’s a lot more than the freshie-gulpers would like you to believe.



Wm. Murphy said...

They should place a call to Yvonne on this....because she certainly showed our gov't how to deal with an incompetent and biased Speaker.

I think you mentioned that Yvonne had alreay showed her hand thereby halting any possibility of presenting a non confidence motion in the House...so much for "Beat "that" with a stick"

Ed Hollett said...

You sound a lot like the sort of people Smith dismissed in her speech.

Only Tories are interested in attacking the opposition.

Wm. Murphy said...

au contraire Eddie...

I am only interested in getting a new leader for the Opposition.

And I'll let you in a little secret..just between me and you!!!

If the Libs get a credible candidate that is Premier ready, I will become a card carrying Liberal.


Ed Hollett said...

From what I've seen, you are making a more more valuable contribution for your blue friends.

Stick with your buddies.

Warren Zoell said...

The problem here in Alberta is that the PC party have become a lot more P and a lot less C. So as a result the sense of entitlement and arrogance has permeated like a virus in this party.We didn't want Stelmach. During the leadership race there was such a polarization between Morton and Dinning that the third place Stelmach became everyones second vote.Basically Stelmach moved up the middle. Little did we know what kind of progressive he turned out to be. So needless to say I can't wait for the next election.Here is an example of Stelmach's mind set. After all the exposed unconstitutional Orwellian behavior being practiced by our Human Rights Commission eg: Ezra Levant, Steve Boisson, Stelmach decides to give the AHRC a 1.7 million dollar raise. Plus when MP Lindsay Blackett who was the MP in charge of the AHRC spoke out against them and said that the AHRC were an attack on freedom of speech Stelmach put the kibosh on any attempt to reform the AHRC and basically told Blackett to shut the hell up. All I can say is that next election I'm voting WRA.