04 August 2010

Ah, that explains everything…

The Old Man, quoted in the National Post, describes his own political party’s philosophy:

We have a Reform-based Conservative Party which is probably ideologically more right-wing.

More right wing than what he doesn’t say, but that’s not the key bit.

But here’s a question:  how many Progressive Conservatives in the province, the ones that like to put weight on the progressive side of the ledger, knew that in 2001  they started supporting a “Reform-based” Conservative Party?

And on what the Old Man calls the “other side”, he just talks about how much money he spends:  “We’ve doubled our health-care budget. We’ve put a lot of money into education.”

There it is, though, straight from the horse’s mouth: Newfoundland and Labrador is currently run by a  “Reform-based Conservative Party.”

That explains a lot of things.

- srbp -


Ursula said...

"It’s all very challenging. I was told when I went into this that I would have my highest highs and lowest lows, and that’s true." ---as quoted in the National Post by Premier Williams . Too bad the premier didn't explain to the people of this province that we would also have to experience his highest highs and his lowest lows .

WJM said...

Ursula, Ursula, Ursula.

Don't you remember? The Dear Leader (May His Preternaturally Thick Hair Always Be Perfectly Parted To One Side) represents, in his own heart and soul, the hearts and souls of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

So when He got a ticket for talking while driving, We all got a ticket for talking while driving.

When He got heart surgery in Florida, We all got heart surgery in Florida.

When the Globe and Mail said something untoward about Him, the Globe and Mail said something untoward about Us.

When the Globe and Mail endorsed Him for re-election in 2007, the Globe and Mail also endorsed Us.

And when a nattering nabob mentioned His maritial status on the radio, a nattering nabob mentioned all of Our marital statuses on the radio.

His highs ARE Our highs.

His lows ARE Our lows.

Can't you be more positive?

Ursula said...

WJM ---- usually at this point someone is telling me to "get a life" or to "calibrate my meds", you have a wonderful sense of the absurd . Thanks for giving me the best laugh I've had in weeks.

Ed Hollett said...

Well, Ursula, I think there are a lot of people who have discovered that what they thought they were getting with the Old Man and what they got are two radically different things.

And they are not liking it.

Ursula said...

I once said to a friend that, "Danny's arrival on the scene made me feel like a deer caught in the headlights ". I was startled for the minute but, it quickly wore off .

Jerry Bannister said...

How odd. And refreshing. A post and five comments. No Mr. Murphy, no slag-fest, and no yapping about the leadership of the Liberal Party. (I fully realize that by the time I finish typing this, a flame-fest may well have broken out in Sector 7-G).

Kremlinologists may already know the answer to this question, but let me pose it anyway: Why is the Premier suddenly into the business of product-placement? The previous puff piece featured Ches's, too, and while this one throws a bone to the Big R, there seems to be a trend here.

Instead of shafts, pieces, and legacies (which were all the rage way way back in 2009), the focus now is on The Down to Earth Canadian Tire Premier. Perhaps this has something to do with re-branding as a double-double guy, or perhaps it's just good feed for the polling crows, but I cannot remember another sitting premier waxing so eloquently on the mighty pleasures of suburban shopping.

According to the Premier himself, media messaging takes up an awful lot of his time -- so let's consider the message itself for a moment: have-status brought a "surge of confidence and optimism"; thus the Williams government has fiscally conservatively spent lots and lots of public money; and Canadian Tire is "mecca."

If 2009 was all about shafting, now it's all about shopping. No nemeses, no negotiations. No past to fix, no future to fight. The goals are reached, the battles won. Just one more election in 2011.

Strong. Proud. Shopping.

WJM said...

Speaking of Kremlinology, isn't it fascinating that he gave these nuggest of Williamsy Goodness to one of those nefarious newspapers up in Canada?

Ursula said...

The cheque arrives and talk turns to his planned summer vacation touring around in an RV. “It’s the best way to see the province, but I just hate pumping out the sewage. The s--t splashes all over me,” he laughs. (Williams) .

Read more: http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=3030569#ixzz0tkv3pMeY

Mr. Hollett tweeted that our premier would not be going to the Premier's Conference , a bad back .He also
mentioned "plungers" . The premier mentioned buying "plungers"at CT.

Could the aforementioned be the reason ?

Mark said...

Ah - I get it.

When he goes to Canadian Tire to get Turtle Wax for his Maserati, we're all getting Turtle Wax for our Maserati. Each and every one of us. In his heart and soul, He embodies us. He said so.

PS - who knew they had Canadian Tire in Florida, anyway?

Mark said...

Jerry - nobody slags on a holiday. The internet trolls only yap while on the government dime.

Wm. Murphy said...

No Mr. Murphy, no slag-fest, and no yapping about the leadership of the Liberal Party

Yes Jerry..this is a much better discussion about the state of affairs. Turtle wax, plungers and shopping

Ursula said...

Mr. Murphy ,if you can't have a little fun at the expense of "Our Leader" , then who can you laugh at ?

It is the premier himself who talked about shopping .

If you read some of his musings in the National Post , the man appears to be self-deprecating .

Or , at least one can hope that this is what this is all about .

Jerry Bannister said...


Well, if the only other option is to obsess about the leadership of the Liberal Party, then put me down for the wax & plunger show.

Laying all of the problems of the NL polity in general, and the Liberal Party in particular, at the feet of Yvonne Jones may be satisfying for those seeking the lazy certitude of a mono-causal explanation and a smugly convenient scapegoat. And I know that there is nothing that I can say to change the minds of those who are personally committed to this perspective.

But there is no guarantee whatsoever that changing leaders would help the Liberals' fortunes or improve provincial politics one iota. On the other hand, there are plenty of things that the Liberals could do right now to inject new ideas and initiatives into provincial politics, other than elect or appoint a new leader.

Here, for your afternoon coffee, is just a short list of the many things they could do, none of which requires a new leader: start a systematic policy review drawing on resources within and beyond the Party; draft and publish an early platform for the next election and force Williams to respond to them, rather than vice versa; hold a public symposium with people and groups worried about Williams' policies and hold it in rural NL; motor around the province Iggy-style and begin to rebuild local riding organizations; publish a book about their platform (if Peckford could do it, why not a collection of essays from current and former Liberal caucus members?); negotiate with the NDP about greater cooperation leading into the next general election (perhaps an informal agreement to target a few potentially vulnerable seats); come up with a new slogan; remind the electorate at every single opportunity that Harper and Williams are both Tories; or build a pre-election web site that features clips and links to stories of failed policies, flip-flops, and scandals of the Williams administration.

While some of these ideas cost money, many of them are inexpensive. For a cash-strapped party, incremental steps that require modest investments may well be better than an expensive leadership contest that is not, pace the punditry, necessarily going to generate positive media coverage. New leaders sometimes bring positive change; sometimes they don't. But even if the leadership stays the same, the Party itself can begin to take small yet meaningful steps to change.

For the record, I am not a member of any political party. My only qualification for offering commentary is the fact that I have spent most of my adult life studying the province's history and politics. I'm sure that there is an entire insider politico subtext that I'm missing -- and I suspect that Party insiders are already discussing plenty of initiatives -- but anything is preferable to falling captive to the seductive belief that a knight in shining leadership armor will ride to the political rescue.

Jerry Bannister

Wm. Murphy said...

Jerry..I like your points and I especially like the suggestions that you put forward concerning the Liberal Party and how they could rebuild.

While some say that I have been obsessive concerning my distain for Ms. Jones, the fact of the matter lies with the issue that she, as leader, has not put forward these types of suggestions. As leader, she has not put forward any strategy to build the District Associations and certainily not provided policy suggestions that the electorate can stand behind.

My rantings about Ms. Jones was to show that not one iota of creativity and policy initiative has come forward in the time that she has been the Opp Leader.

During last year's Lib Convention in Gander, there was this big flurry of cooperation, big musings about District Associations getting stronger...what a load of shit. There has not been one SINGLE thing to advance policy or internal growth in the Party since then. I too am not a believer that the province needs a "saviour" or "white knight" to ride in and take care of our problems....on the contrary. I am interested in someone to come forward that can at least work on the very suggestions that you have outlined

When you mentioned ..."But there is no guarantee whatsoever that changing leaders would help the Liberals' fortunes or improve provincial politics one iota"

I obviously disagree because the Party would have had the opportunity to hear about new direction and policy suggestions. From my point of view, this could have benefited the general discourse while showing the general public how disfunctional and unworkable leadership operates under the Premier's style. This type of discourse would have certainly been an "iota" of benefit.

The sad thing is that Mr. Hollett and others do not want to even mention there own Party issues with leadership. They want to soley focus on the Leadership of Danny Williams. While the latter is a good thing so that more people can see the "real" Danny...the fact that they will not mention the many short comings of Liberal leadership, is laughable. It is this refusal to even mention the problem is what fuels my obsession. To not even provide any commentary on the problems within the Liberal Party and to provide suggestions on how best to fix them is a shame.

It is ironic that people are troubled over the fact that no one had the guts to step up and run for Leader...it is also ironic that Mr. Hollett and others do not have the guts to speak about the Party and it's Leadership...warts and all.

WJM said...

put me down for the wax & plunger show.

That sounds absolutely filthy.

Ursula said...

This is just the Liberal version of "Kim Campbell".

In my opinion Ms. Jones is a very determined woman .

She is going into this knowing full well that Williams will never step down until there is someone in his mind ," who proves convincingly superior " .

I think that Williams may well be living the "Peter Principle" .

It is the people of this province who will pay a great price for this colossal ego .

Ed Hollett said...

Ursula and Jerry:

Don't sweat Murph too much.

He isn't interested in facts, debate or anything else. Understand him for what he is: Tony the Tory in cyberspace.

He is like the young fellows who used to show up at political campaign rallies to heckle. That's all he wants.

have fun with him if you want but please don't be fooled into believing he is anything more than another Tory sock puppet.

Wm. Murphy said...

thanks for the contribution Eddie...it's always good to let your readers know who the sock puppets are. Heaven forbid that they form their own opinion.

Actually, I am not at all surprised that you would mention that....it is classic Ed.... bob and weave and hope that we can talk about something else. We wouldn't want to let your readers in on the state of the Liberal Party and it's inabilty to organize the grass roots. Wouldn't want to share on how the Party is strenghening the District Associations...wouldn't want to talk about policy initiatives being put forward by the Lib Party.

NO...let's talk about "hecklers"

Ed Hollett said...


All I do is start from your premise. If it makes you uncomfortable to talk about your team, then it sucks to be you.

BTW, how many other names do you use and what are they?

George said...

Who told you there was no groundwork being done with the Liberals anyway...
What makes you think there's nothing being done?
Being awful presumptuous to think that.