16 September 2010

Prov Gov appoints mediator in Vale strike

The provincial government today announced the appointment of Bill Wells as a mediator in the ongoing labour dispute at Voisey’s Bay.

The best they’d been willing to do before is strongly encourage both sides to get back to the table.  The most recent example of that was in June, 2010.

So what happened recently for government to change its approach?

Money might be getting tighter as we come up on the half-way point in the fiscal year.

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Wm. Murphy said...

So what happened recently for government to change its approach?

Money might be getting tighter as we come up on the half-way point in the fiscal year.

You just keep out doing yourself Eddie!

To say that this decision to appoint a mediator, is tied to the bottom line of the province is absolutely ludicrous!!

The fact that this strike is over 13 months old and that people (not the treasury) are being affected personaly and financially... is reason enough to bring an impartial and unbiased lens to the table to help bring about resolution.

In contract disputes all gov't's have been on record with a wait and see approach before any 3rd Party intervention. To somehow equate this decision and the timing of the decision because is the province is worried about cash flow.... is nuts.

My only recolection of gov't involving themselves with fiscal considerations as it relates to collective agreements, was when they tore up existing collective agreement contracts for workers...but that's another story.

Simon Lono said...

The big picture is the fact that this strike has gone on for 13 months. If this strike had started in 2004 or 2005, the province would have been right there with threats, cajoling and fastballs to the sides of heads to make this all go away as fast as possible.

Instead, sits passively by. In the sunset years of the Williams Admin, critical issues are allowed to go to seed rather than be resolved.

Danny is geting bored and disengaged. And who could blame him? It's the same end-of-second-term blues that afflicted other premiers too.

Ursula said...

Apparently the Williams' government has set itself a 'time limit" for getting involved in "labour disputes". A year plus sounds about right .

Their cavalier attitude towards the Community Support Workers on the Burin Peninsula pales in comparision to the "till the cows come home ", grandstanding .

But then again , we are talking about a handful of workers and some disabled people . Not much to gain here ....

Hang in there folks ,only a few more months to go till that big one year timeline .

WJM said...

The fact that this strike is over 13 months old and that people (not the treasury) are being affected personaly and financially... is reason enough to bring an impartial and unbiased lens to the table to help bring about resolution.

That was the case well before now, too.

Ed Hollett said...

Well, Murph/Dan, it would be ludicrous except when you realise that:

a. this strike long ago went beyond the point where people were being adversely affected. The response from gov at all those other times was not to appoint a mediator.

b. there is another strike involving others who are suffering to a comparable degree and yet government is doing exactly squat to address the situation.

Some thing must have happened to prompt this sudden change of policy direction. Maybe your friend heard something when he was in Lab West to re-announce the re-announcement of a re-announcement that provoked him into ordering this to happen mucho quicko.

As for your memory, we know from experience that it is as miserable as your understanding of plain English.

Wm. Murphy said...

okay Eddie/Gryphon

Here's a question that you can't or won't answer...

When (how long) is it reasonable for gov't to appoint a mediator in labour disputes?

@ Simon

Would you mind telling us where the Opp has been on this file?

Besides a weak news release 9 months ago, titled ..."Jones encourages settlement on Voisey’s Bay strike" the Libs have been very quiet on the need to have a mediator. What the hell does "encourage" mean anyhow??
Where have you been in advocating for a mediator? Why has there not been a peep in 9 months on this file?

The same can be said that they/you/Ed also sat passively by!!

To somehow blame this on 2nd term complacency is foolish

Ed Hollett said...

Murph/Dan: again you ask a question that has nothing to do with the post.

I am not looking to set some standard but to explore why your friends have different standards for different labour disputes.

What is it about this dispute that makes it worthy of sudden intervention?

Why now?

Wm. Murphy said...

What is it about this dispute that makes it worthy of sudden intervention?

Simple Eddie...because some people are hurting and because it has been 13 months...why not now. You seem, once agian, that there are other less genuine reason at play

And once again Ladies and gentlemen we have Ed refusing to answer a simple question...just wait for the ignore teatment or better yet...the complete deflection about something glittery or shiny.

The question is simple. The question has been asked because you brought up timinmg. A really simple question Gryph....when is appropriate for gov't to appointa mediator???

come on Ed...suprise us and answer the question....I can't wait to read your response Eddie

Ed Hollett said...


Once again you got an answer to your question. It just isn't the one you are preprogrammed to recognise so you don't see it.

Instead you have some sort of cheap political agenda to work so you keep pounding away under your fake identity.

You see I'd wonder why you think that a strike has to go on for a set number of months before government intervenes.

For some reason 13 months is a magic number for you and your friends. Nothing else matters but that magic number 13.

Why 13? Why not three? maybe mediation should be like that twit character in Austin Powers who would only answer if the question was asked three times. Seems silly to me, but apparently it makes sense to you to have some arbitrary number of months go by and that's the only consideration for you. [Hint: in case you can't see it, there's the answer to your question.]

But apparently 13 months is all that matters to you. Apparently you are unmoved by other considerations.

For some reason, people making minimum wage who deal with developmentally challenged people have to wait 13 months and then automatically they'll get a mediator. They started last November, so by your measure they have to tough it out until January. Maybe they'll get a Christmas pardon and your friends will send them a mediator in December for their stockings.

40 cents an hour is the difference in the two positions, apparently. Not even two bits and you think they should hang on 'til winter sets in again. But like magic in January, then can expect a mediator.

Frankly I don't see that as something shiny, but apparently you think that people on strike for better than minimum wage while working with people in need is something not worthy of comment, something glittery or shiny or a deflection from your great crusade.

Do you really mean the things you write? It is hard to imagine someone would actually be quite so callous, unthinking and insensitive. But apparently from behind that sock puppet identity, you can appear to be.

Lucky you no one knows who you really are.

Ursula said...

Maybe it is just intuition , and females especially older ones have a higher developed sixth sense , but , whenever I read Williams'(as in Murphy) observations , I get this mental picture of Danny Williams .

Murphy has the very same combative style ,very annoying I might add .

Geoff Meeker said...

Ed, you really should apply a 'no anonymous post' policy. That would immediately elevate the tone of debate, by removing the political plants, like Murphy.

And I wouldn't mind if he continued posting. He would just need to identify himself before doing so, so that there is no hidden agenda.

Wm. Murphy said...

you are unbelievable Ed.

Can you show me where I am callous concerning the strike in Marystown? Nowhere did I ever mention that, but somehow you connected a dot to that issue...there is nothing further from the truth. Next thing you know you will bring the issue of jam jams into the picture.

Check my first comment...I simply challenged you on the fact that you think the issuance of a mediator is tied to the provinces books. I said that that assessment is full of shit.

You constantly deflect the debate to suit your holier than though outlook on the state of affairs in the province. All I am saying is that your contention is foolish.

@ Geoff...thanks for the comment. Didn't realize you were the judge on the tone of debates...Maybe you start a new blog titled..."Meeker on how to raise the tone of debate in the Province"

Ed Hollett said...

@ Geoff:

It's about as tight as I can get it using this software. What's left - like Murph - is fairly obvious. He's so obviously a plant that I doubt very much even he can take himself seriously.

If you recall I did predict an increase in the anony-twit activity and that seems to have come true.

Imagine what it will be like when Danny finally goes to Florida permanently and the leadership war that is currently raging underground suddenly erupts into full view.


Don't blame me when your cheesy efforts at following some blind partisan agenda get turned around and you wind up setting your own arse on fire - yet again.

If you did this in real life, workers comp would be bankrupt. The Shriners would have to set up the William J. Murphy Treatment Centre for political hacks who keep lighting their own farts too close to the source.

Simon Lono said...

@ Murph

You are a gas. We have reached the point where govt policy and inaction is the fault of a Opp which is outnumbered 10 to 1? Wow .. sounds like when govt blamed the mill exprop (we own a mill!) on the Opp.

We live in a mad mad mad world.

Let me know what else the Opp is resp for, willya? Just wanna ensure that Opp takes appropriate blame for whatever else govt screws up or ignores next week.

Wm. Murphy said...

@ Simon

Cut from the same cloth as Ed...would you mind telling us where I inferred this....Let me know what else the Opp is resp for, willya?

Again I simply asked why the Opp has not advocated for a mediator? That's all.

The Opp has had 13 months to cobble together a release outlining the need for gov to appoint a mediator. How come the Opp didn't feel the need to bring this issue to the fore?

@ Eddie....your last comments have left me speechless for a while. When I do feel the urge to comment I will certainly run it by Geoff first to ensure that I am maintaing the tone of debate.
I'll get back to you as soon as I vet things through the Meeker filter

Ed Hollett said...

Well, Murph, as I recall, you have attributed many things to me that weren't true and, when challenged, you have never provided the evidence to back them up.

In this case, though, I don't think the shoe is on the other foot. Let's see if Simon can Let's see if Simon can go you one better, find a comment and post it here to make his point even sharper.

As for your tone, don't change it now. You are just starting to get that refined Chris Crocker whine going.