30 October 2010

Best Traffic, October 25 to October 29

  1. Williams announces political exit plan
  2. Best Political Blog in Canada.  Right Here!
  3. Lower Churchill:  What Danny actually said (with translation)
  4. Cleary quits as federal NDP candidate
  5. Knuckle-dragging council pissed off at hard-working recyclers
  6. NALCOR:  the power of nostalgia (Part 2)
  7. Emera silent on Lower Churchill talks
  8. Court docket now online and Five years of secret talks on Lower Churchill:  the Dunderdale audio [tie]
  9. NALCOR:  the power of nostalgia
  10. Insider baseball and Kremlinology 27:  Going negative early has its risks [tie]

This is the week of big news.

Danny talked up the Lower Churchill and the possibility of a deal.  That could be the signal he is ready to take a walk. A whole bunch of Lower Churchill stories crowded into the Top 10 this week, including the story the conventional media refuse to report (tied at Number 8).

Sir Robert Bond Papers took first spot in the Canadian Blog Awards for Best Political Blog for 2010.

Ryan Cleary, long touted as the NDP dream candidate to win a second federal riding in the province decided he would pack it in and go back to writing.  Some are speculating the Indy may be coming back.  The website’s had the login screen for months and the Indy is still deader than Cleary’s political hopes.

Besides, Atlantic Business Magazine is looking for an investigative type and Cleary just finished writing a few puff pieces for them.  Maybe that’s the fit.  ABM already picked up the best scribbler at the old Indy:  Stephanie Porter so the Indy’s second death already produced the best benefit it could for ABM and its able crew.

This is the week that Bond Papers traffic took a massive leap.  On top of that, weekend traffic has been matching weekday traffic for the past three weeks or so. 

That’s very odd.

Normally, weekend traffic drops to a low as 50% of the average weekday load regardless of whether there’s new material or not.

Maybe people sense that this is going to be a hot fall for news.

- srbp -

Update: Added a couple of missing words, put in caps where they belonged,, added some italics where that belonged and added a new para [Starts with “Besides…”]



Wm. Murphy said...

What's even odder.is that nowhere do you mention the Liberal'sn as a this weeks big news story??? Must be me...but does anyone else find that strange?
Maybe it's me, but I thought the Liberal Party, Westcott and a ceratin email were this weeks big news maker?
Not a mention, not a peep from Ed about this story which he evidently didn't classify in the "week of big news"

Or maybe that traffic didn't go to the post because Ed didn't write about the story. I guess some stories don't need to be referenced when those stories are not that big or imporatnt in the first place??

And there you have it folks...another reason from the scribe that the mainstream media are completetly out to lunch. What were they thinking coeven mentioning the Westcott email. What a bunch of sock puppets!!

Thank heavens for Ryan Cleary...it would have been a slow news week otherwise....whew!!

Edward Hollett said...

It is just you Murph, or whatever your name really is and whatever other identities you use online.

The story you tprgued in keeping with the Conservative and media TPs you quoted finished dead last on the list, well behind all the others.

Keep playing insider baseball all you want Murph. Stroke it and massage it all you want but ultimately you'll be playing with a small group and they, as usually, are only playing with themselves.

Wm. Murphy said...
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Edward Hollett said...

Enough of the smears, Murph.

Wm. Murphy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Edward Hollett said...

When you state false information as fact and when you attribute motives falsely it crosses way over a line you already dance on every day.

Enough is enough is enough.