13 October 2010

Pudding proved

The proof of any pudding is in the eating, so they say, and in the case of Danny "Puddy" Williams, it seems we are talking blood pudding.

Not a week ago did these words of glorious praise for the Premier appear in a national newspaper, courtesy of  Tim Powers:
What often goes unreported about Williams is his decency. 
Then on Wednesday, the Premier decided to offer his views on a local mayor who did nothing other than speak his mind about an issue or two of concern for his town [via the Telegram]:
He called the Marystown mayor “ignorant,” said the comments were “asinine,” and said Synard “doesn’t count.”
Pudding proved.

Doses of humanity, indeed, Tim.

- srbp - 


Ursula said...

I suggested to a very well-known character in this province , that I thought that Sam Synard was a visionary and would probably steer us in the right direction .

Much to my surprise ,that person quickly responded that he agreed .

Edward Hollett said...

Sam is looking for hand-outs of public cash for private business.

I have no idea why Danny Williams kicked the crap out of Sam. Sam and Danny are of one mind.

Ursula said...

Well , you could have knocked me over with a feather ,I am a hard sell ,but, I fell for Sam's pitch ....

Edward Hollett said...

If you listen to the Premier's comments you will hear him say something along the lines that cabinet is already considering a hand-out.

Maybe Danny was just pissed that Sam could claim credit for getting something that was already on the way.

But for me the problem is basically that our provincial government is already in hock thanks to these sorts of policies and we really need to stop.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If these policies worked, we wouldn't need to keep funneling money into this private company or another.