17 November 2010

Lower Churchill MOU – the invitation

Some people are getting them via e-mail.

Your humble e-scribbler wasn’t one of them, nor was Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter.

Print this off and save it as a souvenir.


- srbp -

Sky Captain got his wingman after all Update:  Apparent Dex was just joshin’ Sounded like he just had bad talking points.  Dex is  on the way to tie his province to this very expensive version of the Lower Churchill.

Atta boy, Dex!


pig said...

This is yet more proof that the Lower Churchill is an imaginary project. This is surely another, if not the final, nail in the coffin. Ed, you've been vindicated!

Edward Hollett said...

It's as real as the deal to sell power to Rhode Island, pig.

It's as real as the deal Frank Moores signaled with his twin explosions.

It's as real as the 500K announcement Lucien and Brian had in 1998 to do not only the complete LC but a revamp of the Upper Churchill as well.

But it is not as real as Danny's effort to sell a chunk of the LC to Quebec, without redress (thereby breaking his election promise) for five years.

An MOU is an MOU. Here's hoping it isn't the same MOU that BRINCO signed with HQ in the mid 1960s

WJM said...

Ed, another blogger says this news was "leaked".

I hope the Premier's office will spare no effort in tracking down the leaker.

Edward Hollett said...


Say it isn't so.