30 November 2010

Premier Doug Moores

image027Not like his name hasn’t been tossed around before as a potential Conservative Party leader.

The guy’s got bags of experience and he has a strong business and legal background.  Here’s the blurb that went with a 2001 provincial honour he received:

Doug Moores has served as a volunteer for 30 years, contributing locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. He has held leadership roles in numerous sports, arts and culture, health care, and business and development associations. He has made significant contributions to the Conception Bay North Development Association, the Harbour Grace Board of Trade and Baccalieu Chamber of Commerce, among others.

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PoscStudent said...

Not to sound ageist but from the picture of him in the first link he seems a bit old to be getting into politics.

Few interesting choices from the outside would be:
Former insider Senator Beth Marshall
Ed Martin
Rick Hillier
Tim Powers
and someone who I thought would make a good mayor for St. John's but he'd be a good Premier I bet as well is BOT chair Derek Sullivan, I noticed his name again this evening commenting on the financial update.

Edward Hollett said...

A fine list of all the people the media are speculating about and therefore are the least likely to run or win.

And unless you didn't support Danny, you have no reason to oppose any candidate on the basis of age. He was the oldest person ever sworn in as Premier and the second old at retirement.

PoscStudent said...

I'm not saying I wouldn't support someone based on their age I just think that someone who is approaching 60 or in the 60's is a bit old to be just getting into politics. Danny was in his early 50's when he entered politics, not that old really. However I would rather someone younger.

Edward Hollett said...

So you aren't prejudiced against age but you would prefer a younger person.


No contradiction there. 60 is the new 50 and not every 60 year old has a bum ticker and a bad back. So basically if you would accept the Old Man as-is, right now, neither Doug nor anyone else of his generation should be on your "not preferred" list just because of age.

PoscStudent said...

Why do you have to turn everything into an issue. I simply say that the man might be a bit old to get into politics and you start critsizing me.

What are you upset about getting older?

Wm. Murphy said...

How about your good buddy Dean MacDonald for the Tory leadership?

Wouldn't that be be interesting?

Edward Hollett said...

Hey, POSC, to remind you of your own comment: no offense but...

And Murph, that's a really interesting idea. Basically anyone wanting eight more years of Dannyism would logically want Deano. He's already said that's what he supports.

Why don't you be the first kid on your block to start a Facebox page for the "Draft Dean" movement?

Here's a working slogan: "Draft Dean for PC Leader. Danny's Right Hand is the Right Man for the Right Party."

You could make a killing on the tee shirts alone.

Wm. Murphy said...

Who said I was interested in Dean...there you go again jumping to conclusions.

Like shooting fish in a barrel...

Edward Hollett said...

No one said you were interested in Deano.

Are you afraid one of your friends will think you are?

Wm. Murphy said...

why would you suggest I set up face book pages and sell T-shirts if you didn't think I was interested in the man?

Spandex logic I guess!

Edward Hollett said...


"You could make a killing on the tee shirts alone."

You'd have to be pretty stunned not to figure that out.

Wm. Murphy said...

I'll save the stretchy, elasticy shirts for you