30 November 2010

Premier Fairity

He thought about it in 2000 but never launched a campaign after Danny decided to go for it.

o'brienKevin O’Brien’s clearly been searching for a human-looking hair colour lately and maybe he’s been hunting in order to take a run for the Premier’s Office.

He might be a long-shot, but the guy who has trouble with geography at least knows what he’s fighting for:  fairity.

Kevin O’Brien:  a potential Conservative leadership candidate.

- srbp -


Wm. Murphy said...

a few questions that will never be answered by the humble scribe....

How are things in the Liberal Party Ed?
I noticed that you have written off the upcoming by-election....that's too bad
How about the upcoming by-election in Humber? Are you writing that off too?

You seem quite concerned with O'Brien, Dunderdale and the gang...why not concern yourself with what's happening on the 5th floor?

What is Wescott going to do now that his main target will be gone next week?

Let us in on how the Official Opposition is doing?

Now for answers that have nothing to do with what I asked....over to you Ed

Ursula said...

Idolatry is alive and kicking in this province .

Murphy , I am totally blown away by the "depth of faith" that has been shown to your soon to be defunct leader .

Jesus Himself would be surprised , as He said "THOU SHALT NOT PUT FALSE GODS BEFORE ME".

Tradition suggests that most of the Apostles dispersed after His demise and became MARTYRS for their beliefs .

I guess that is what happens when people pin all their hopes on the ONE ,the LEADER .

Williams the CHOSEN ONE ,is no more ,will his ministers disperse and become MARTYRS for his beliefs ?

Wm. Murphy said...


WJM said...

Ursula, Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth™.

Danny said that, not Jesus.

I heard it on VOCM, so you know it's true.

Ursula said...

Careful Murphy , your IGNORANCE is showing .

I don't follow a conventional religion ,but , I do like to keep myself apprised of world religions ,their philosophies and teachings .

My comment has nothing to do with my belief system ,I was using the analogy of a man called Jesus ,whom for some , even after 2000 years , is still the "SAVIOUR",to compare the extreme madness we have going on in this province with a man called Danny Williams , whose popularity is purported to be greater than that of the Supreme Being .

Hence the practice of IDOLATRY .

Ursula said...

Earth to Wally , you just maybe right about that .

Edward Hollett said...

Gee Murphy you seem...what's the word...embarrassed by the prospect Kevin would be a leadership candidate.

Wm. Murphy said...

I would be really embarassed if such a thing happened. God help us. I can only think of one or two candidates that I would like to see.

First, I would likle to see the Liberal Party get its shit together...how 'bout you?
Oh, I forgot...you don't comment on anything to do with the Liberal Party in the province...what a shame

Edward Hollett said...

Murph, I think you couldn't tell shit from shineola.

Wm. Murphy said...

of course there are no comments about the Libs....

see...I told you so?

Edward Hollett said...

I just made a comment: you couldn't tell shit from shineola.

You can't even recognise a comment when you see it.

Wm. Murphy said...

Well, one thing I do know is that there will not be much shinola used on the fifth floor for the next while. Not many shoes up around those parts!
Shame about that; especially when the office and fellow Lib bloggers are good at polishing things

Edward Hollett said...

Now you simply spouting jibberish.

Ursula said...

In this corner , in the pink trunks,Murphy .

In the opposite corner , we have Eddie in the purple trunks .

Come out , shake hands and for the love of Christ , will one of you beat the frigging shit out of the other one and get this over with .

Edward Hollett said...

Actually, Ursula, I am tired of kicking the crap out of Murphy.

He just has some obsessive need to make himself look like a fool.

And I don't wear trunks: I go for spandex.

Ursula said...

Right on Eddie ,if you have the PSYSIQUE for SPANDEX ,I say go for it .

Wm. Murphy said...

Interesting choice of clothing Ed...It reminds me of the movie Spandex; A Father's Tale (2005)
Plot Summary.... Lindsey's father, George, has a secret. He's always down in the basement, putting on makeup and listening to old records. Lindsey has suspicions. But when Lindsey's teacher threatens to fail him, George must overcome the tragic secret of his past. He is made to face his destiny: to wear the spandex and lipstick he vowed to leave behind, and teach his son what it takes to be a man

Quite fitting...I didn't know Ed was short for George
who knew??

Ursula said...

Your answer to IDOLATRY is huh !!

Yet you readily have a story about SPANDEX .

Genius Murphy ,pure genius .