25 February 2011

Jackman runs from fisheries restructure report

Fisheries minister Clyde Jackman is running as fast as he can from a fisheries restructuring report that recommends restructuring the fishery.

This is not a surprise for a minister who appeared clueless on the issues in his own portfolio when he admitted first receiving the report.

This is not a surprise given that the current administration like pretty well all its predecessors of  either blue or red persuasion have run from meaningful fisheries reform as fast as their little legs could carry them.

The only change in the past year seems to be that the industry has gone from midway up sh**t creek to being pretty close to the headwaters.

Bottom line:  we are still in an election year with a Tory leadership out there waiting to get settled afterward.  No politician of any political stripe is going to advocate what needs to happen (the report would be a good starting point) under either of those circumstances. And for the Tories in power, they have a double reason to stay as short-sighted as they can.

Anyone still wonder why Danny left in such a gigantic hurry?

- srbp -


Wm. Murphy said...

Wow you are a fast reader Ed....From the release of the report, to your Post...you seem to have it all figured out. Amazing grasp of things Ed. Maybe what's included are "meaningful" as you suggest...I am sure that they are, but to crawl up on the soap box without digesting the report is nothing short of (once again) highlighting an opportunity to sling partisan mud. This is not a suprise, but to hurl mud towards a Minister on something that you haven't had time to digest and process, is a joke. Once again it appears that your ass is back to blowing smoke without reading the rationale and details of the actual report..

Edward Hollett said...

Hey there, person pretending to be someone named William Murphy, apparently even when you had time to read a short comment, you couldn't actually do it.

Perhaps you'd like to try again.

Maybe this time you can lay your own assumptions to one side. They seem to shag you up repeatedly.

Wm. Murphy said...

Bottom Bottom line: we are still in an election year with a Tory and Liberal leadership out there waiting to get settled afterward

Left out a few words Ed...don't mention it!

Edward Hollett said...

Well person who masquerades as someone named Murphy, I left nothing out.

You evidently got ticked off because I mentioned your hero's ignominious, inglorious and unseemly exit from the political stage.

That's okay. We know you don't read but just spew.

But the more you spew the more people know just how desperate you are.

Keep it up.

Wm. Murphy said...

spew spew

Edward Hollett said...

Person pretending to be Wm Murphy, all that anger you have will just rot you from the inside out.

Get some professional help.


Edward Hollett said...

Hey, person whose name is definitely not Wm Murphy, just keep typing in caps to demonstrate how you aren't really angry.

It must be hard to type with the rage closing your eyes up into tiny slits.

Edward Hollett said...

So a person with fake identity pretends to be proving things.