21 February 2011

Layton will cave

Just a gut feeling.

Jack Layton will not trigger an election this spring.

Forget the tough talk.

Heard it before.

- srbp -


Robin Brentnall said...

I agree Ed, I'm a little ticked off at the NDP Leader because of it.

Michael said...

The Liberals banked on Layton and the NDP caving in order to take their tough stance. You better hope like hell Layton caves, because right now, he is the only thing that is going to save Ignatieff and the Liberals from themselves.

Michael said...

According to NANOS, the Tories are approaching 40% support -


This is the 4th poll after EKOS, Harris-Decima, and Angus-Reid to show such increasing Tory momentum.

Jack will TRY to cave, but it won't matter because; there is NO way that the Prime Minister is going to give any reason for him to now. Even if Layton WANTED to save Ignatieff from himself, it is already too late, unless Ignatieff reverses himself again......and we know where THAT road goes.

Prairie Kid said...

Anybody remember a comment by Iggy?

"Mr. Harper, you're time is up"?

2 peas in a pod.

Edward Hollett said...

Well, Michael those sorts of polls are why Jack and Ig won't want to precipitate an election.

The PM can always dissolve the House but why should he? As it is he can simply continue knowing that when push comes to shove one, or another or both of the major opposition parties have no stomach for an election call.

What makes Jack's posturing all the funnier is that he, himself, has been down this very road before and peed his pants when push came to shove.

All talk and in the end, exactly squat.

Warren Zoell said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a political party need money to run an election campaign? I don't think the opposition parties really have the cash to run one. It's all hot air if you want my opinion.

Wm. Murphy said...

The PM can always dissolve the House but why should he?

You are absolutely right...he can disolve the House when he wants....the reason he will is to roll the dice on a mjority....a tough slog for sure, but at least it will give him at least a couple of years before anyone speaks about an election again.
What ever happens during the next couple of months the Tory's will be in a better position then they are now in.

After the election the Libs will be waving good bye to Iggy and then the real fun begins!

Ursula said...

Jack ,who needs Jack if ?

Given the situation in the middle east , could and would Harper invoke the war measures act of 1914 ,allowing the Tories to assume sweeping powers in times of emergency ,real or apprehended ?

Poroguing parliament will seem like child's play . Think how long the Tories could hold on to power with such an action .