15 August 2011

Bloc NDP MP backs Tory Premier Dunderdale #nlpoli

Noob Bloc NDP member of parliament Ryan Cleary wants voters in Newfoundland and Labrador to return Conservative Premier Kathy Dunderdale to power in this fall’s general election.

VOCM reports that Cleary does not have any faith in Dunderdale’s leadership but thinks that she should continue to lead the province, albeit with a minority government.

He wants the Liberals and provincial New Democrats to mount a campaign to deliver a Tory minority government.

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Peter said...

Ed: That's the most classic misquote I've seen in a while. You know that's not what he really said. Do you have to make up doozies from Ryan? Doesn't he dish out enough on his own?

Edward Hollett said...

Misquote, Peter? What a load of crap.

Unless VOCM got him wrong that's exactly what Ryan said. Cleary doesn't have any faith in Dunderdale, so he wants to see her re-elected with a minority government.

What's more he has so little faith in the other two parties that neither of them - including his own NDP - should replace Kathy in power.

There's no misquote here, as you well know. Sorry if having his crap ridiculed causes you some discomfort, but please do not try and turn his shag-up into my error.

Get real.

WJM said...

Ryan Cleary in his own words — and voice.

(Link won't be active very long.)

Edward Hollett said...

"Hopefully we'll have a minority government."

Thanks WJM. Let's see if peter wants to try and translate that one for Ryan.

Peter said...

It's the old "I'We're in it to win" crap, A;ways say you're going to win no matter what. His context is that while it's unlikely the other parties will win the government, he'd like to see Dunderdale reduced to a minority. If you listen to or read the whole contexty, this is quite clear. You have taken it out of context. It's called a misquote. And you just did it. Live with it.

Edward Hollett said...

Are you Ryan's spin director, Peter or are you sucking for the job?

The only thing more pathetic than his original comments are your efforts to defend his stunnedness.

There's no misquote. You said it yourself: "Doesn't he dish out enough [doozies] on his own?"

Sure he does. This is another one of 'em.

So how come you feel the need to acknowledge his tendency to say idiotic things and then try and defend this idiotic thing of his?

Peter said...

OK, since you started it, let's get personal.Unlike you, i will not grasp at every little straw to discredit someone or the party they stand for. That is why i am defending Ryan in this one isolated instance. You are the ultimate spinmeister, Ed, and you know it. At least WJM diesn't pretend he's non-partisan. You are partisan to the point of delusion. A boon to your fellow hacks, perhaps, but bordering on smear and propaganda to those who may look to you now and then for objective analysis. Everyone has his preconceptions, but you take the cake. And eat it too.
Spell out the whole context. I dare you.

Edward Hollett said...

Peter, if your motivation in the first comment is as you describe it now after all day, then I did not make this personal from the outset: you did.

You attributed motives to me - discrediting someone or his political party - which I did not have. Then you wrote your first comment.

But here's the thing: your anger, animosity, upset, umbrage and whatever other self-righteous sentiment you felt is entirely the result of your own prejudices. It has nothing to do with me or anything I wrote. it is what you imagine I wrote.

Perhaps you'd have a more profitable time and greater peace of mind if you took a very hard look at yourself for a change and stopped inventing reasons to be angry at others.

Peter said...

Peel away your personal attacks and laughable speculations about motive, Ed, and you have nothing. You isolated a couple of quotes and left out the context. End of.
I'm sure Ryan will offer up some legitimate fodder soon enough.

Edward Hollett said...


You have reached the rarefied heights of Danny Williams and John Hickey who attacked Roger Grimes for stuff Danny said.

You continue to attack me for the things inside your own head and for stuff Ryan Cleary said.

All I did was point out what Cleary said. If you don't like what he said, take it up with him.