23 August 2011

Subsidizing subsidized industry…somewhere else

“Curiouser and curiouser”, cried Alice, so overcome by the photograph that she momentarily forgot how to speak English properly.

“Is it some sort of uniform?”


“Might well be,”  her companion said, “since they are all members of the Muskrat Club.”

“And who is that man there on the end,” asked Alice.  “The fellow doesn’t seem to belong.”


Let us look at the provincial government’s official news release and see.

“Book ends!” Alice’s companion exclaimed.  “The Governor of Rhode Island on the left standing next to the Blue Queen and on the right, the man who runs Rhode Island’s  largest energy consumer.”

A plastics company.

Seems the Rhode Island state legislature plans to give the company a million dollars to see if it will grow larger.

“The money was going to be a loan but now it is a non-repayable contribution,”  explained Alice’s companion.

“A gift, then,” said Alice, unhelpfully.

A non-repayable contribution,” her companion corrected.  “There’s a difference.”

“Where?” asked Alice, looking about. “I don’t like differences.  No two are ever the same. That’s why they are called differences, don’t you know.”

Her companion went back to his reading.

The state government is also helping Toray install a new solar power system to help power the plant.

“And so he talked to the Blue Queen,” said Alice, as she checked under the chesterfield for the difference, “who is an expert is giving gifts…”.

Her companion coughed.

“alright then, non-repayable contributions,” continued Alice, pronouncing the words very carefully.

At once, Alice gave up looking but still seemed quite satisfied that she had, at last, got the hang of the contributions.

After a long pause, Alice looked at her companion.  “Rhode Island?  Isn’t that the place where the Blue Queen once tried to sell electricity before?”

“Yes,”  her companion replied. “But the electricity was too expensive for them to buy. So now the Blue Queen knows that if she sells power to them she will have to give it to them for less than it cost her to make it.”

“What a very odd idea,” said Alice.

“And much less than the people who own the electricity will have to pay for it.”

“Odder still,” exclaimed Alice.

She made a face and rubbed her chin as if in thought.

“I suppose the Blue Queen does not really know where she is going, “ said Alice after a while.

“When you do not know where you are going, you might think that any Rhode will get you there.”

- srbp -


Peter said...

Your posts are becoming poisonouser and poisonouser.

Edward Hollett said...

Then why ever do you keep reading them, Peter?

WJM said...

Whoever is FORCING Peter to read Bond Papers postings, can you please stop now?

Shannon Reardon said...

I thought Peter wasn't blogging anymore?

Shannon Reardon said...

Oh wait now, wrong Peter. I think I know who this fellow is. Last name starts with "J"? Perhaps? Carry on.

Edward Hollett said...

Sometimes it is hard to tell the peters apart without a scorecard sometimes.

Peter said...

Meanerer and meanerer.

Edward Hollett said...

I must have struck a very big one of your partisan nerves, Peter.

Hit a bit close to your political home, did I?

Ward Pike said...

I enjoyed the satire, Ed. And like the rest of you, I'm baffled by what's going on here... tings be's gettin' stupider and stupider!

Edward Hollett said...

Lots of people are baffled, Ward.

I haven't found anyone familiar with the Hydro Corp who can offer a sensible explanation for it, either.

As for humour, you'll notice that Peter couldn't explain what he found so distressing or why it was distressing. You'll also notice he never comments about posts like the one on Jack Layton or on the series of ideas about how to change things.

He only goes negative and only on some very specific types of comments.

Peter said...

It's the partisan spin that attracts me to your blog, Ed. That's partly why I read it. Could it be, heaven forbid, that I, like you, actually like to scan various sources of news and opinion, including the fodder on Liberal blogs? After all, I get plenty of Tory fodder across government newswires.
Perhaps I should just shut up and lurk, if you'd rather.

Edward Hollett said...

So you read these scribbles based on a misapprehension or delusion.


And it seems to be the same misapprehension or delusion you've had from the start.

What's more, you ignored my 15 ideas series or any of a number of other posts that quite clearly aren't from a partisan perspective; not that any of them over the course of almost seven years are written from a partisan perspective - that is your delusion after all.

For all I've written most recently you chose to take offense at this one and applied the usual Tory partisan invective that they are mean and poisonous. Steve Kent called them "negative" the other day in another old Tory partisan talking point.

This post caused you to comment, though; this one that lays quite bare the problems with Muskrat Falls. If memory serves, that's basically what seems to attract your ire consistently: stuff that lays bare the short comings of your partisan friends.

And then you call me partisan and my writings are "spin".

I should defer to your expert knowledge on both counts, I suppose, shouldn't I?

Peter said...

If you call me partisan more times than I get a chance to call you partisan, does that mean you win?

Edward Hollett said...

Peter, if it is that important to you, use "partisan" all you want. you won it. You own it.

It is still nothing more than your misapprehension/excuse/security blanket.