04 October 2011

Muskrat Falls support plummets: poll #nlvotes #nlpoli

Despite a massive marketing effort by the provincial Conservatives and the provincial government’s energy corporation, Nalcor, a new poll by NTV/Telelink shows a dramatic drop in support for the provincial Conservatives’ Muskrat Falls project.

In its most recent poll of eligible voters in Newfoundland and Labrador, NTV/Telelink found that 42% of respondents supported the project compared to 71% in an NTV/Telelink poll conducted in February.

Opposition to the project went from six percent  in February to 22% in October.

Undecided went from 24% to 36%.

The margin of error for the poll is 4.2%.

The more people know about Muskrat Falls, the less they like it.

- srbp -


rod said...

Only one person I have spoken to thinks Muskrat is a good idea. I was curious about it at first, but when I studied the details, it failed to make any sense at all. I am still profoundly confused as to why they are pressing ahead. They are going to bankrupt us to develop power we don't need. We always do things in this province arse first. Produce a product, and then go hunt for a market.
The statement that "your power bill is going to double anyway" is the most maddening thing of all. They can make that happen, they control the price. Well, in 2016 if our light bills are double, we'd be better off if we weren't 6 billion in the hole.

Karen Oldford said...

If you want your HYDRO rates to double or more - then vote PC!

Remember – our rates went up over a 100% in Labrador West when we were made part of the Labrador Interconnected Grid which isn’t connected at all………what do you think will happen when we are part of the Island Interconnected Grid?

How will our seniors and others on a fixed income survive this massive rate hike plus increased price for groceries and other basic necessities?

This PC GOVT will drive more of our population into poverty while we subsidize those in NS and the USA…….

Wake up people - this is not a good deal - it is worse than the Upper Churchill.