31 May 2012

What she said… visionary leadership edition #nlpoli

Newly minted Premier Kathy Dunderdale from her 20 Questions interview in the Telegram, December 24, 2010:

Still, Dunderdale maintains being premier was never on her radar.

She says she’s not the kinds of person who envisions things 10 years down the road, but prefers to live in the now.

“If you live your life more in the moment, the rest of it will work its way out.”



rod said...

Our current government is comprised of a group of extremely average individuals. Not a rocket scientist in the whole bunch. Good thing they aren't running NASA.

Edward Hollett said...

I'll disagree on that one, Rod.
The current government crowd are full of good people with good intentions.

There are few dorks and dullards, but they aren't so plentiful as to hobble the rest from doing their best. besides, the biggest collection of Tory dorks and dullards occupy themselves on Twitter so much they don't have time to do anything else but what they are told.

rod said...

I guess I shouldn't include everybody in my statement. There would be no fairity in that.