03 April 2007

Keith Coombs: poseur future Dan-didate

Keith Coombs, the St. John's city councilor chiefly responsible for the public money pit called St. John's sports and entertainment should perhaps think about showing some concern for his miserable track record.

More attention to that, say, rather than engaging in a completely pointless little speech about boycotting a meeting with Loyola Hearn. Coombs lacks credibility on matters of public finance given his sorry track record at city hall.

Prediction: Coombs is sucking around the Premier to see if he might get a nod to tackle Hearn on behalf of the premier in the next federal election.

If there was a provincial seat open in a St. John's seat, Keith might run there, but since the place is already chock-a-block full he can look at earning the favour of his Fearless Leader and run as a Dan-didate for the Premier's federal political party, soon to be announced.

Prediction the Second: Coombs will get his money-wasting political butt smeared all over the electoral map.

Residents of St. John's know Coombs too well.

Residents of Mount Pearl, who make up a chunk of the riding of Keith's dreams, don't want him any more than the people of Southlands do.

Closely Related Prediction: Oh yeah, speaking of municipal politicians looking to upgrade. Word out of Mount pearl is that Mayor Steve Kent's campaign team is organized and the cash is in the bank.

Kent, who just a few short months ago was backing Liberals at a Liberal convention in Montreal, is lined up to replace Harvey Hodder when he packs it in a few short months from now.

Kent will be running as a Dan-didate, by the way. The only political party that hasn't received the ambitious mayor's political attention would seem to be the NDP.


Liam O'Brien said...

You haven't figured out the Premier's preference in federal political parties yet?

I think it's pretty obvious that, for whatever reasons dance around in that skull of his, he wants seven federal Liberals elected.

Not sure why, but I think that's what he wants.

Edward G. Hollett said...

Liam, bye, I think we will soon see one of two things.

Either there will be the Dan Party running Dan-didates who pledge their unwavering loyalty to Dan The Man.

Or, Dan the Man will back which ever candidate for whichever party as long as the individual promises to answer to the call of the 8th.

Party affiliation is irrelevent. Consider that in the last federal election, Williams invented things in Harper's letter that weren't there to justify his decision to back Harper. The Dippers photocopied his demands and sent them back as their commitments and he still ignored them.

Besides, why is a provincial Premier sending out demand letters to federal politicians anyway?

Why should we even care about these letters? No Premier speaks for me when I make my electoral choice for a federal member of parliament.

I can think for myself, thanks.

If some politicians spent more time sticking to their own onions to horribly translate a phrase, maybe we'd be moving things forward around here.

WJM said...

Kent, who just a few short months ago was backing Liberals at a Liberal convention in Montreal

I'm confused.

Isn't the Liberal Party of Canada a federalist party?

Edward G. Hollett said...

Gee, I believe you are right, Wally.

I just don't think that's entered into the equation for some people.

There seems to be a view that "Canada" is the source of reparations for past injustices (largely fictional ones).

Does the word revanchism mean anything to anyone?