01 December 2009

The 1969 Churchill Falls Power Contract

For those who might be interested in these things, here’s the 1969 power contract between Hydro-Quebec and Churchill Falls(Labrador) Corporation in pdf format.



ClaudeB said...

Thank you for your find. I've added a reference to the link for the contract on Hydro-Qu├ębec and Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited pages in Wikipedia for quick reference.

bob said...

The contract was correct and agreed by both sides in 1969. As we all know today, market conditions have changed since.Unfortunately the contract did not include any clause to address market variations. In view of the evidence therein I find that Hydro Quebec and the people of Quebec have committed no fault of their own on the matter of the 1969 contract with NFLD. The strategy of Mr. Williams to demonize HQ and the Quebec government as if they were no-good thieves who are out to get newfoundlanders is non-sense and ill-advised.

Caissey said...

Thanks, just to let you know that, as a translator, I fell into the category of "those who might be interested in these things"|and was grateful to find this here.