15 June 2010

Kremlinology 22: House sitting and bills passed

The current sitting of the House of Assembly is slated to finish next Tuesday – Wednesday at the latest – and by the time it rises the the House is on track to pass 33 bills.

When was the last time the House sat until the second or third week of June for the spring sitting and passed 33 bills?



The spring sitting before the provincial general election.

In other years since 2003, the House has closed at the very latest on June 4.




Ursula said...

I am at a total loss to understanding why a government with a rating of 75% in the polls and its leader at an unprecedented 79-80% ,spends so much of its time campaiging ? If there popularity is genuinely earned , what are they afraid of ?

Ed Hollett said...

The polls are the justification for everything.

They are cited continually and they are also goosed, twisted and mess with repeatedly to keep the results as high as they are.

Problem is the numbers are completely useless, as I've repeatedly shown.

So much energy goes into this sort of trivial activity that not much else gets done.

Some of the effort is just ridiculous, like paying people to fix the VOCM question of the day.

What they are afraid of is that people will actually realize that poll goosing is just about all they've really been doing for seven years.

Once someone publishes irrefutable evidence of how much energy goes into this asinine activity, who knows what will happen?

WJM said...

Oh, look who's off to Russia. Cult of personality fact-finding mission?

Ed Hollett said...

Maybe he originally thought it was next to Tampa.