26 April 2007

Two degrees of separation: Couple scammed in DR

This story is making the national news, but it was circulating widely in Newfoundland and Labrador within a few hours of the couple making it back home.

When travelling in certain countries it is important to know the telephone number for the local Canadian embassy or consulate.


Scott said...

What happened to this couple is awful and caution is always a good idea, wherever we are....however, I also hope we can recognize that warnings like this get read into existing ideas in our culture about who is "civilized" and who is not, whose bodies are automatically taken as signs of danger and whose are not, and so on, and that we need to challenge the racist ways in which "certain countries" and by extension certain people are imagined. It is very easy for the ways in which stories like this get presented and situated, and the ways in which certain ones create a buzz and certain others do not, to reproduce ideas about who is and is not "civilized" and thereby make international differences in power seem natural, to make it harder to see the systematic economic violence and exploitation wreaked by white-dominated rich countries like Canada on poorer and often predominantly racialized countries.

Still, it's always a good idea to know what to do in case of an emergency, wherever you are! And it is good to hear that this couple is now safe and sound.

Edward G. Hollett said...


There is nothing in the story here nor in the post that speaks to the issues you describe.

Criminals exist in every society.

While you offer a warning against preconceptions, it isn't relevant to this story. If the same situation happened in any country it would be a reminder to be cautious and be aware of the numbers for the local consulate.

kodak said...

Merci. Just forwarded it to relatives who are going there in a few days.

Glenn said...


did you see who's on the top of the page of Bourque.Org and the enclosed caption?

Me thinks someone might have brought the wrong sort of attention to themselves.