09 April 2010

Conveniently close to home

The Premier is co-hosting an international trade mission this weekend, as the provincial government’s information service dutifully tells us all on a sunny Friday.

The event will bring together a bunch of state governors and provincial premiers to talk about ways to promote trade among the states and provinces.

The conference is Biloxi, Mississippi and that, as we all now know, is just a short Citation hop across the Gulf of Mexico from the Premier’s condo in Sarasota, Florida.  It’s so nice when things take place so close to home.

Almost immediate Update:  Since his truck hasn’t been in the Premierial Parking Space, odds are the Premier’s been back in the Southern Tower since the House closed for a three week break.



Lonenewfwolf said...

i really wish someone would expose williams for what he his. all this nafta, energy corridor backdoor stuff is REALLY getting to me.

that guy is gonna sell us out, like we've never been before, to make himself a billionaire if he can.

+anyone who cannot see that is either not paying attention, or is in on it.

Ed Hollett said...

And what exactly are you talking about when you refer to "nafta, energy corridor backdoor stuff"?

Lonenewfwolf said...

nafta, 1000 year clauses on energy and freshwater. us energy security policy. super corridors.

tdi/blackstone proposal / mou. snc-lavalin / spectrol energy, hydro-quebec, quebec supreme court.

danny williams, nalcor, closed books on public company.

you talk around the issue, but do nt expose what 'might' be going on.

imo williams is only in there to get that all done and signed so he can walk away with a bigger pile of money and prestige. he wants to be a bigger fish, and all this could very well make him one.

its the future of our province we're talking about, not one guys bank account. the books need to be opened before he gives it away like it's never been given away before.

the deals we signed a generation or tow ago will pale in comparison to what they're working on currently. the us is scared, and they're backing in behind their borders with our energy on their minds. williams is facilitating it, and will more than likely get paid for it.

it's not a conspiracy if it's actually happening. as i'm sure you're aware the energy corridor issue is in the news almost everyday down in the states, and almost totally muffled up here (thanks to our media owned in quebec). keeps us out of the loop because it's our resources they're arguing over.

like i said. its REALLY starting to get to me that no one is exposing williams for what he is...a businessman looking to enrich himself and his friends.

J said...

Yes because we all no Williams is only in it for the money.

Lonenewfwolf said...

j. this is not a sarcastic reply. i just think you should have a little broader view of all this besides what's been fed to you in the media. i know it may hurt, but here goes...

the real big money is in the energy deals naturally, next to those beans its the long-term contracts for service (and this is where danny is probably positioning himself and his monopoly business partners like dean macdonald).

the service contracts are why snc-lavelin is now in there, they bring that capacity to his portfolio. they're one of the main (if not the main) companies involved in HQ's infrastructure projects, and now ours apparently thanks to the Hisself.

baffles me why anyone would think that a man with 'only a 1/4 billion' would leave it at that when more was on the plate for the taking. someone that rich can only want more, and that's an undeniable fact. most NLer's cannot understand why anyone would need more, but that's a narrow-minded and frankly ignorant view of the world we live in.

its time to get real about all this and stop acting like children.

its hard to listen to the small town drivel coming out of the media around this issue, and its sad when every editor and journalist who would love to write about this story can't because their freedom to do so is restricted by the companies that employ them (and these companies have boards of directors that go well beyond their own board rooms, out even into the energy, mineral and any number of other large multinational interests).

i can say all this because i'm an educated, traveled and independent NLer. not being dependent on their payoffs, handouts, pensions, favoritism, cronyism, nepotism and on and on (like so many others in this place), i won't be looking for their favors or help.

J said...

Oh yes your correct you're very smart.

WJM said...


Once upon a time, the conspiracy buffs supported Danny, and Danny enabled the conspiracy buffs.

Things must be going pear-shaped for DW-G.

Ed Hollett said...

Anybody can list offd a bunch of words, wink and say "conspiracy".

Put it all together and explain what it is you are driving at.

Ed Hollett said...

Not sure, WLM but we might have a battle shaping up here between one set of fantasy tales and another. of course, J too will have to give us more than the Fan Club short hand.

J either won't or can't explain what he means by that first line. it's just something he's heard over and over.

J said...

Danny Williams could have made millions and millions more over the last 6 years had he not been Premier. While he can still have businesses he cannot really get into anything major. If giving up millions to become Premier is a way to make "billions" he is obviously a very smart man to have thought it all out.

Ed Hollett said...

Lots of things are "supposedly" obvious, but let me ask you a simple question: why exactly do you think he did get into politics in 2000?

Lonenewfwolf said...

don't know really. frankly don't care what the mans original intentions were even if they were noble. they sure ain't noble on this 'file / piece' 9or whatever they refer to these businesses as now).

what he is doing is criminal in my mind. its something all the rest of them from Wells & Tobin only wish they had the opportunity and initiative to pull off. from what i understand wells got close but it was a minor league attempt.

i'm sure everybody out there who is just getting over the 'church' literally screwing them over is looking for a new saviour, and it looks like most of them found 'Him' in this one. but i'm a non-believer, have been most of my life.

all you have to do is follow the money to see where this is coming from and going. its seems so simple really.

you're the policy analyst. analyze it. lay out all the legislative changes around energy resources they've made and see where that leaves us.

in the meantime, i've got compost to haul and spread, seedlings to transplant, and a life to live.

this pile of injustice and old boys politics makes me sick.

Lonenewfwolf said...

oh. and i notice j's comments are much more literate this morning. funny, the hmmm kind of funny...

and if he's that smart he'll probably burn down / destroy the evidence too, that should fit in with the conspiracy theories too. cause if he doesn't there's gonna be one hell of a lawsuit filed against him and his businesses when they try to walk away with that suitcase full of our resource wealth. those days are over.

Lonenewfwolf said...

i may be a dreamer, but ya gotta start somewhere...

Ed Hollett said...

Ok then boys and girls, let's lay down some simple ground rules:

@Lone: if you are going to make an accusation of criminal activity, back it up with something concrete.

So far you've strung together a bunch of names and told us that a company that does project management is interested in project management.

But other than that you've offered nothing but shite.

And for me, I'll make it plain who I am referring to. The question about why Hisself got into politics was aimed at J, or so I thought it was fairly obviously aimed.

Lonenewfwolf said...

back it up? its purely circumstantial obviously. how can i back it up when the books are closed. all i can do is guess. i'm by no means a lawyer, but i do understand that there are political rules and everybody else rules (which i first read about in the humby case against the crown for forest mismanagement).

they can put as many dunderdales and martins in front of cameras to act like innocents that they want. if john noseworthy could get a look at those books, talk openly about what he finds, call a inquiry and make witnesses testify or be held in contempt and do 'real time' then we might get somewhere in our democracy.

until then its just a guessing game, and the guys in suits will keep the ball on their side of the court.

if you put the pieces together and make the suggestion that it's criminal, does that make it liable, or just words? i gotta say, it all seems like corruption to me.

just look at the forests now... they're pushing the old pulp mill guys out, and bringing in the new biomass boys (and downgrading the resource). is that progress or just 'de-velopment'? whatever it is nalcor has more control over more of this island than any company ever has, and that's not what i call progress.

whatever you want to call it, it means the money keeps piling up on their side and 'the people' keep wondering what's next? just like me. but at least i'm willing to say it, not just stick my head in the sand and pretend it's not happening, cause it is. it's happening all over the world on a much grander and violent scale then here.

J said...

I am not sure what his exact reason are for getting into politics but he did study political science at MUN so maybe it's just out of interest and to see if he could accomplish anything?

I suggest you run off to the RNC Lonenewfwolf with all your "information".

Lonenewfwolf said...

i've done my research and this ruling is what allows me to say what i have. the rules have changed...


like i said before, the days of these lawyer/business guys getting away with stealing our resource wealth are over, or will be shortly. hope there's something left to 'democratically protect'.

just cause he's got all the files locked up where only he and his toronto accountant can see them, does not make it a done deal.

J said...

Go public with your information then instead of writing on a blog under a screen name.

Ed Hollett said...

So "J":

- if he isn't in it for the money, and,
- you apparently don't know why he got into politics in 2000,

then perhaps,

- you'd like to explain why that comment you made has any meaning relevence or other importance in the greater scheme of things?

Meanwhile, Lon, you are still just ranting and bullshitting.

What you have isn't circumstantial or suggestive: it's just crap.

Just take all the pieces and explain how you think they fit together.

In other words, both of you need to try and explain your comments.

Wm. Murphy said...

Geez Gryphon, I wish I could contribute to this "substantial" conversation. sigh

J said...

Well to me maybe I am wrong but I think he could have made alot more money by not being Premier.

Ed Hollett said...

Dunno why you can't, Murph except that they haven't resorted to rather childish ad hominem cracks.

Ed Hollett said...

Perhaps he would have "J", but what I am trying to get at is why you think that notion has anything to do with the price of tea in China?

What difference does it make if he could have made more money by not going into politics?

J said...

I said that he wasn't in it for the money. Isn't that what we're are talking about?

Ed Hollett said...

And I am asking you ehat you think that actually has to do with anything/

Does it make him right? More virtuous than others? Different from all the others before him?

What difference does that make?

Forget the fact the reason he got into politics has nothing to do with the fact he lives in Florida.

J said...

The reason I brought up the him not being in it for the money was because Lonenewfwolf mentioned how he was in politics to become a billionaire and I am just saying that he's lost out on money by being Premier instead of being a full time Lawyer and Businessman.

By the way when did he move to Florida?

Wm. Murphy said...

You forget to mention a few things on this conference Gryph

It is the third annual conference with last years taking place in St. John's. The Prem was appointed last year as the co-chair and the location was decided last year.

You should also check out who the business leader co-chair is. After a quick breeze through the agenda some(god forbid) may say that it is a good trip for the Premier.

I know it wasn't your intention but your post sounded like the Prem hatched this trip to be close to Sarasota. I just wanted to provide a little background in case some of the dillusional people thought this was an opportunity for the Premier to be close to his condo. You can never be too careful with those dillusional types

Cain said...

Now before going any further, I must declare my political bias. I vote Liberal federally, for ideological reasons, and in the last two provincial elections, I voted PC. On balance, I think Williams has done not a bad job. There were some positions he took that I wished he had not taken and there were some that I was quite pleased with. All in all though, I have been reasonably satisfied with his work.

I drop in here, from time to time, and scan down through the various posts. It became clear, very early on, that if there was a contest to see who the most anti - Williams person in the province was, you would finish first and second. There’s nothing wrong with that. Even the most vapid expressions of partisan bile raises a worthwhile point often enough to merit the scattered peep over the fence. If for nothing else, to see what seed the fanatic has spilled in his garden now. To use a word you seem to be fond of, while all forms of public onanism are in poor taste, some forms are more entertaining than others and yours can be occasionally entertaining.

However, I must take issue with your fondness, for constantly accusing others of ad hominem attacks. Surely even you must recognize that well over half of what you write would fall under the class of ad hominem attacks and most of the rest smacks of it.

Therefore, to consistently accuse others of this behaviour only serves to highlight your own reliance on the ploy. Your post on Thursday, titled “Community Values”, was the most bizarre and childish example of an ad hominem that I have ever seen. This post isn’t much better.

My God man, if you ever want anyone other than the most conspiratorial of zealots to take you even half way seriously, then grow up. Otherwise, Lonenewfwolf and his brethern will be your readership and you will continue to be ineligible for Mr. Dodge’s “adult conversation”.

Ed Hollett said...

Well, J, it really doesn't matter what Lone said. I was wondering why you thought that was an important point to make.

It doesn't really counter Lone since it is no more true - or provable - than his statement. You see we don't really know why he got into politics.

But really it's entirely irrelevent to anything. People who love him like to make that claim, as if it somehow made all his decisions and positions pure and perfect. It doesn't, any more than Lone's conspriatorial nonsense makes him the devil incarnate.

Both fall into the trap of making every discussion into one about him personally as opposed to discussing the position, the issues and the consequences of decisions.

Lonenewfwolf said...

not sure what to call the media spin williams has on the go, but he is definitely in it for the mucho deniros. ya gotta be delusional, or mildly complicit, to think with that much cash on the table someone doesn't have their hand in the cookie jar.

something smells fishy...if he's got nalcors books locked up behind his door where no one else can see them, what other explanation could there be other than a need to keep the details of the transactions secret from us, the shareholders of these resources. what do you guys think, once all the deals get done he'll just start handing out cash payments to all us pleebs? get real. with the abh boys gone and kruger holding out for a power deal, williams now hold the cards where our british masters once sat at the table.

are any of you aware of the corruption and greed that goes on in the world? have you ever visited a third world country? who do you think is leading that charge? sure canadian mining companies and resource interests are at the heart of alot of it.

to think that anything different is going on here is, well, delusional! they just put a trustable face up on the tv and everybody goes about their busy day like everything is fine.

the guys in suits are gonna do it to us again people. too much power in too few hands is never good.

Ed Hollett said...

Thanks for dropping by, Cain.

Thanks also for sharing your voting history. I don't recall ever making it an issue myself for you, me or anyone else. For some reason though, the local Tories of a certain type seem to believe that is at the heart of everything. They also feel the need to trot it out as if it meant anything. All i take from it is that you participate in our democracry and for that you have my respect. Would that more people actually voted.

Unfortunately, for the people stuck in the partisan mindset, it does tend to screw with their head and perhaps yours) when an argument I have made about unsustainable public spending (for example) is then supported by no less a personage than the finance minister and a cabinet minister.

Ah well, I can only make my comments. How people chose to (mis)interpret them is their problem.

As for your comments, it is very interesting that you did not attempt to disprove many of my comments. You did not speak in favour of owning a condo in Florida (not that that was really a problem for me anyways).

Nor did you attempt to make a statement in favour of the contrary position by pointing out, for example, the positive aspects of politicians and editors praising themselves extensively in public, sometimes for things they did not do.


Instead you attacked me personally:

"My God man, if you ever want anyone other than the most conspiratorial of zealots to take you even half way seriously, then grow up. Otherwise, Lonenewfwolf and his brethern will be your readership and you will continue to be ineligible for Mr. Dodge’s 'adult conversation'."

That, my friend, is the textbook definition of an ad hominem argument: you attack the person rather than the position.

But thanks for sharing your voting record with us all.

Ed Hollett said...

Frankly, Lone, the only thing I can say to you is that you better get to Dominion.

I hear there's a sale on tinfoil for your hats.

All you've done is spouted off a bunch of paranoid delusional raving without ever explaining exactly how it fits together and - most importantly - what evidence you have for it.

Frankly, it's about as useful as a Fan Clubber listing the Acta Sanctorum.

Cain said...

The point is this.

Like the boy who cried "Wolf", you lose all credibility when you constantly cry, "The Emperor has no clothes" even he's wearing lots. The times when he really isn't wearing any just gets lost in the noise.

That's why, in order to be taken seriously, you need to grow up.

Ed Hollett said...

Just can't let go of the personal attack, can you?

It isn't about the Emperor.

You may think everything is. But there are others (like me) who don't share the obsession with the Emperor.

But since you brought it up, perhaps you'd care to offer some substance to back this one up:

"'The Emperor has no clothes' even [when?] he's wearing lots.

I know it is so much easier not to have to think - hence he "grow up" bullshit - but I have a feeling you might actually give an example to support your point.

Go on.

Give it a shot.

Then we could actually have an adult discussion instead of you justblowing raspberries.

Cain said...

You're like the kid who plugs his ears and goes la-la-la-la, when he doesn't want to hear something.

Anyway, your banner used to brag that you were a "dose of lithium for the bipolar politics of Newfoundland & Labrador".

Well here are some of the side effects of lithium.

Hand tremor, mild thirst, nausea, discomfort, frequent urination, weight gain, weight loss, involuntary tongue movements, involuntary urination or bowel movements, irregular heartbeat, hair loss, hallucinations, increased salivation, itching, loss of appetite, low blood pressure, muscle rigidity, muscle twitching, painful joints, abdominal pain, blackout spells, cavities, changes in taste perception, coma, confusion, dehydration, dizziness, dry hair, dry mouth, fatigue, gas, indigestion, poor memory, restlessness, ringing in ears, seizures, sexual dysfunction, skin problems, sleepiness, slowed thinking, slurred speech, startle response, swelling, thinning hair, tightness in chest, vision problems, vomiting and weakness.


Wm. Murphy said...

You're like the kid who plugs his ears and goes la-la-la-la, when he doesn't want to hear something.

Eddie this is an absolutely wonderful quote... don't you think?? Brilliant!!

Ed Hollett said...

Invariably, Cain and Murph, whenever I challenge one of you Fan Clubbers to discuss a specific example or issue you bail out.

As in this case, it is often with an ad hominem crack as you slip quietly away.

My ears were wide open for an example of when the Emperor - as youc aled him - had clothes and I said he didn't. It seems to me that if you had such ane xample, you actually had many to back up your "advice".

I gave you the opportunity and you muffed it. You fumbled. You balked. You failed.

it is not that I was not paying attention or refusing to accept anything. My hands were not over my ears (or eyes in this case), nor was I humming.

I waited patiently.

And you delivered nothing.

The reason, of course, is simple; you have nothing except the fan's annoyance that someone does not share your obsessive devotion to an individual. you then presume to lecture others for their lack of devotion.

You say I would have more credibility. Of course, you do not know what level of credibility I have with any audience, including your fellow Clubbers.

You tell me my audience would be larger. You do not know how many readers I do get.

Ultimately though, cain you and Murph resort to berating me personally.

And when given the chance to give just one tiny example.

You come up empty.

No shame in that; after five years, not a a single Fan Clubber has been able to do it yet.

Wm. Murphy said...

Whe you are finished fighting the bad guys Gryph...why don't you weigh in on the topic of your post....which is about the conference the Premier is attending. Is it a good thing or do you still contend it's a ploy to hang out in his Florida condo?

Ed Hollett said...

You seem to be the only one interested in fighting bad people, Murph. Well, you and Cain.

Unfortunately he wasn't able.

And apparently you aren't either, hence your resort lately to the personal crap.

When you aren't doing that you are making things up. To wit:

"Is it a good thing or do you still contend it's a ploy to hang out in his Florida condo?"

I never contended any such thing so you will have to argue with yourself on that one.

So between the personal crap and the invention, you seem to be having a very successful escursion to fantasy island.

Wm. Murphy said...

Da plane da plane...

Okay then...what was your reason on referencing that the conference was conveniently close to the Prem's condo?

Ed Hollett said...






Wm. Murphy said...

Got it....whew!

At first I didn't get your point that this conference was concocted by the Premier so that he could slag off to Florida after finishing with this pesky weekend conference.

I also didn't pick up the reference that..."The conference is Biloxi, Mississippi and that, as we all now know, is just a short Citation hop across the Gulf of Mexico from the Premier’s condo in Sarasota, Florida"

Apologies Gryph but I guess I am geograhically challenged. I didn't relaize the close proximity. With that said, I think I'll pop over to Tim's in Gander for a double double...because as WE ALL KNOW, it is just a short hop up the TCH from St. John's

Ed Hollett said...

Concoct whatever you want Murph.

That seems to be all you are interested in.

Wm. Murphy said...

actually I am interested in you answering the question

Ed Hollett said...

How complicated must it be to have escaped you:

The Premier is co-hosting a trade conference in Biloxi which is - for the record - a stone's throw from where he has a condo and, as the update notes, where the old boy has been since the House closed.

There's the reason for the post.

Stunningly clear.

Absolutely gobsmackingly obvious.

There's a conference and DW is the host.

And you and J and Cain wound up Chris Crockering the whole thing.


Anyong said...

I'd like to clear up the question about why the Premier became the Premier. First he ran and people voted him in. As for the reason he ran...he wanted his name in lights wearing fur coats and lowering the Newfoundland flag to see how many more times he could get his picture in the paper. If he had not run for the Premiership, no one would know who he is except for the upper, upper, upper business people he would have dealings with.

Wm. Murphy said...

and you call me a fan clubber....now that is absloutely hillarious. The people that know me and my views about DW are probally on the same floor as you laughing their asses off. But then again, I didn't think Gryphon's had the ability to roll around and laugh at the same time...who knew

But hey Gryph I think I will continue with the comments that some how and somewhere in your mind, equate to me being a fan of DW. I am amused by your insights.

As your dear friend Peter Jackson once said, "YOU have an enormous talent of making anything remotely associated with DW look like a grand scandal, nefarious conspiracy or collosal blunder. You do a bang-up job, if you don't mind my saying,"

No truer words....

Ed Hollett said...

I guess quoting Peter Jackson's assessment of me is an appropriate comment along the way.

After all, you have resorted in this exchange to a continuous load of crap.

Ed Hollett said...

Adios Lone. Post your conspiracy bullshit somewhere else.