10 May 2012

The Twitter Perspective #nlpoli

Tories on Twitter act like twits. Then they complain in the House of Assembly that other people are misbehaving.

Yes, they are hypocrites.

To understand the ruckus in the House of Assembly on Wednesday over something one member said about another on Twitter, you can find the official record of the House of Assembly in the Wednesday edition of Hansard.

If you want to get the whole thing summed up in a handful of words and spaces, you need look no further than CBC’s David Cochrane and his tweet on Wednesday afternoon:


That’s pretty much it.

- srbp -

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Jerry Bannister said...


I think this story may end up blowing back on the Tories.

The Telegram may have less influence than Open Line, but I still think that James McLeod's story will help frame the news cycle for the average, non-twittering reader.

The title of the piece may have said that Kirby ate crow, but the article ends with a long quotation from Kirby that offers as sharp an opposition talking point as anything I've read in a while. He may end up being glad that he tweeted what he did when he did.