19 April 2007

Two degrees of separation

Fox News brunette Coulter-wannabe, Rachel Marsden.

Check out the links on the left of her bio page.

Yep. Fight the Seal Hunt.

Look up though and find a link to Canada Free Press. CFP is an eclectic collection of commentary from across a wide spectrum.

One of CFP's regular contributors is this guy, from Newfoundland and Labrador. One of his recent columns was this piece on the failure of the seal hunt protestors' restaurant boycott.

There's absolutely no connection between the two of these people except that by some coincidence that has nothing to do with anything but fluke, some Fox News entertainer with anti-seal hunt inclinations winds up promoting to her American audience a Canadian site with at least one writer who has some pretty strong views in another direction.

There is the Internet in a nutshell.