14 March 2011

Matthews bails on board position

Elizabeth Matthews is bailing out of her controversial nomination to serve as vice-chair of the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore petroleum Board.

It isn’t clear if she is also leaving her appointment to the board itself.

As CBC reports, Matthews is blaming the Opposition Liberals for politicising the entire matter.  Matthews served as a communications director for the Liberal administration of Roger Grimes before she left quickly to work for Danny Williams in the Opposition office where he was infamous for slinging wild, political accusations.  In another ironic twist, Matthews former boss said he got into politics because he was sick of all the patronage and corruption.

The big twist in the story appears to have come on Friday when the Liberals revealed a December 21 letter from natural resources minister Shawn Skinner to his federal counterpart appointing Matthews to the offshore with effect from 01 January 2011.

And then things went horribly wronger Update:

The Telegram has the full text of Matthews’ statement.  For starters, try and find the clear statement where she says she is quitting her appointment. Then check and see if she has actually launched any defamation action given her references to defamation.  This sounds suspiciously like John Hickey suing Roger Grimes for stuff Danny Williams said:  a huge pile of smoke to cover the catastrophe everyone else sees.

If that wasn’t enough, note, among other things, the change in her title in the Premier’s Office from the bio sketch in the letter on the appointment – “Senior Policy Advisor”  - to “a senior advisor”.  There’s a huge difference in the two.  That’s just the tip of that iceberg.

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Shannon Reardon said...

Ed, she is leaving her Board appointment according to David Cochrane. "Walking away" from both, she said to him.

Shannon Reardon said...

Ummm, and when was this first politicized, Elizabeth Matthews? When your nomination happened.

Edward Hollett said...

Shannon, had the statement been written clearly as opposed to being the convoluted pile of self-serving crap it is, then we'd know for sure.

As for what she told Cochrane, I'll take that with as much salt as what she apparently told him about the Friday statement...that is if I followed the tweets on that one to its inevitable, fiery demise.

There are so many questions on this one it will continue to stink for weeks. And that will be in addition to the major league piss off this caused within the industry and in some quarters of the Tory party.

Here's a question to start with, though: did Danny write Liz's statement or was that her whiny, childish crap we got from him every time something went sour?

Shannon Reardon said...

That's fair, Ed. There is so much deceit surrounding this. (I better watch what I say - libel, and all.) They think they can get away with anything. I am pleased to see that this time they didn't.

Above I said that the politicizing of this began when her nomination happened. I guess what I meant was her SECRET appointment to the Board in the first place. Then again, who really knows the true chronology and series of events.

Edward Hollett said...

For me it is less about deceit as about bright shining incompetence from a supposedly experienced bunch of operators.

Well that and the classic whiny, self-congratulatory pile of shite whenever one of Hisself's pet enterprises went up in flames.

Brad Cabana said...

It probably also involves the fact that an ordinary Board member receives $5000 per year and $300 per meeting. You need the full-time Vice Chair upgrade to get the $150-$200,000 per year upgrade.