26 March 2011

Traffic without any shocks, March 21 to 25

Your humble e-scribbler keeps scribbling and you, faithful readers, keep on reading.

Here’s what you were reading this past week.  There’s a pattern to it, but see if you can spot the surprising element to what’s been hot all week and the not so surprising element to what hasn’t been hot.

  1. Believing things that aren’t true
  2. Hell hath no fury…
  3. Feds, Quebec announce joint deal on offshore resources
  4. Muskrat Falls power may never go to new England: Nalcor
  5. No Equalization offsets for Quebec
  6. Lies, damn lies and throne speeches
  7. Selling cheap power to Quebec
  8. Cleary to unquit for NDP again
  9. Dunderdale’s leadership woes deepen
  10. Orchestra Pit Theory of Political News Coverage

- srbp -