14 January 2014

If Nalcor got the peak load wrong #nlpoli

The rolling blackouts on the island of Newfoundland could warn of bigger problems to come, if a new paper by the analyst JM is correct.

Underestimating peak load and the potential impact on the Muskrat Falls solution



Alex Aylward said...

Very interesting. My confidence in Nalcor keeps slipping more and more every day.

Ed, do you know if the peak demand forecasts for figures 6 and 7 are supposed to be different (2014- 2022-2032 vs 2022-2032-2041) or if that's a typo?

Edward Hollett said...

I raised that with the author before we posted it.

It isn't a typo. He intended to go until 2041, when CF power is available in larger amounts.

Alex Aylward said...

Thanks for the clarification and all the information you provide on this blog. How can people support this blog?

Edward Hollett said...

All you have to do to support SRBP is just keep reading.

Good to know you found the information helpful.

If you have any questions or suggestions for future topics, drop me a line at ed_hollett@hotmail.com