03 January 2005


In July, 2004, political events in Newfoundland and Labrador prompted me to do something I had not done before: I wrote a research paper on the Atlantic Accord. It was an attempt to examine offshore oil revenues and the Atlantic Accord in light of what the Accord actually provides. it was an attempt to evaluate the provincial government's proposal based on what had been made public to that point.

Events of the past few weeks have prompted me to set up this blog as a way of fostering some discussion of the issues involved in the Accord dispute. With the removal of Canadians flags from provincial government buildings has come a deluge of nationalist and independentist sentiment throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. At the same time there has been precious little substantive discussion.

Those of us who disagree with the government's position run the risk of being labelled as traitors or worse. The premier has publicly discouraged debate in the House of Assembly. In any thriving democracy, sound public policy can only come through informed debate and discussion. That's what I hope this blog becomes: the basis for informed debate.

Incidentally, another paper is on the way that relies on great deal of information I have managed to obtain since July. I will post both the original paper here as well as the new one, and any other material as it becomes available.