04 December 2006

So what is Potsie doing these days?

Celebrity life is cruel.

One day your saying or gesture or hairstyle is making magazine covers across the globe.

Next day, you are doing dinner theatre in Boise with the guy who played Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver while across the street the chick who played whashername on that show that didn't last too long is trying to save souls with stories about the hard life of a child celebrity.

Same thing with politicians.

One day you are hitting 97% support in the polls. (remember the Accord?)

Not so very long later, people are wondering who the frig put the sand in your Vaseline this time? Those stroke moments seem fewer and much farther between no matter how hard the publicity department tries to get your picture out there (right).

Like in theatre, taking it on the road is proof the show has had its run in the big halls. Now it's time to bring the Lard of the Dance experience to Wallingford Connecticut with the second team of dancers.

And it isn't like being a cartoon character where your catch phrases just effortlessly morph into cultural icons.

Yosemite Sam? Still funny half a century after he first sputtered after the rabbit.

Yosemite Dan? Same hair, but it's gettin' old Dan.

Really old.

Really quickly.