01 February 2009

Do they give awards for non-news?

Presidency position goes public.  The provincial government decides to posts ads for people interested in being head of the status of women council.  Voice of the cabinet minister runs a news story on the event.

It’s not news that provincial government is running job ads for cabinet-appointed jobs.

The provincial government advertised for a new chairman for the province’s public utilities board in 2007.

They held a competition.

Then cabinet stuffed Andy Wells into the job even though he wasn’t in the competition.

Of course, then again there’s the offshore board boss job. 

Competition, complete with ads.

Danny tries to stuff Andy into the thing anyway.

Competition dies.

They appoint a panel to pick someone.

Andy still doesn’t get the job.

It would be news if the provincial public service commission held a competition for a cabinet appointment and the cabinet appointed the person who actually won.

Oh yeah, and that PUB story turned out to be a masterpiece of unaccountability in the public service.  Simple question:  no answer.