15 April 2009

Chinese officials in town

Wags will no doubt make much more of the story at the government’s official news agency that Chinese officials are in town to learn how we do things government-wise in this neck of the woods.

The group is apparently visiting St. John’s and Mount Pearl to find out about things like land use planning.  really, in the week we heard there’s a move a foot at Tammany at Gower to erect more duck crossing signs across the city, you just couldn’t make this stuff up.

For some reason AMEC exec Susan Sherk is offering comment on the Chinese trip.

Sherk says what they are mainly interested in is the fact that we engage the public so much in our decision making.

They must be surprised because unlike the land of Tiananmen, engaging citizens doesn’t involve machine guns.

Given the way things get done downtown, the gang at city hall can no doubt enlighten the Chinese on how to run over the citizenry without using tanks.